Cosplay Guide Matching We Love Colors Tights to Mehron Body Paint

Welovecolors Mehron Bodypaint Marceline Princess Bubblegum Color Guide 1

Welovecolors Mehron Bodypaint Marceline Princess Bubblegum Cosplay 1

Cosplaying colorful characters is equally challenging and fun. We are often asked which body paint would best match We Love Colors’ tights. We heard your requests and asked for help to the makeup experts, our friends at Mehron and they helped us to create the definitive color guide to match our colors to theirs. The  swatches below were created using Microfiber Tights, Style# 1053 and Mehron Paradise colors exclusively to keep it simple, but they do have other products that you can mix to add contour and highlights to your characters.

* For a detailed step by step on how to make armsocks using our tights click here. If you want to keep it easy you can also get yourself a pair of gloves in the same color as your tights. Another option, use a turtleneck leotard or a full body unitard. Every item you order from us  is dyed here in Miami (check out a little bit of our hand-dyed process here), that’s why we are able to provide a wide variety of products in matching colors.

Thank you to all cosplayers and photographers that contributed to create this guide to help out to the community. We appreciate and admire your work. You certainly inspire us! If you have a colorful cosplay you want to share with us, please fill out this form to be featured on our Instagram @welovecolorscosplay or future posts here at Buzz. 

Together we are better!

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