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Becoming Mollymauk: Painting Bodysuits and Arm Socks

One of my favorite costumes in recent memory is Mollymauk Tealeaf from Critical Role! He’s such a beautiful character and I love how much creativity there is when it comes to being him

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Critical Role – Nott the Brave Tutorial

Samantha submitted a cosplay tutorial for their Nott the Brave from Critical Role that shows off how to make everything, from armsocks in the right green skin tone to creating Nott’s porcelain mask (hint, it’s not actual porcelain, ...

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Inside Cosplay: Ginny Di

Here at We Love Colors, we love hearing your stories and learning more about people having fun with our products

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We Love Colors Cosplay Contest 2018

GENERAL INFORMATION Date: June 18th- August 17th at 5 pm EST. Judging: August 17th – August 27st Winners will be announced on August 28 on @welovecolorscosplay Facebook and Instagram

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How You Cosplay Sailor Moon

It’s no secret that we love cosplay! What we love even more is seeing how you use We Love Colors products to create your favorite characters

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We Love Colors Cosplay Contest, Summer 2017

Contest RulesRead carefully before submitting.Contest runs from June 12th- August 18th RulesYou must be wearing at least one We Love Colors product

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Arm-Socks and Costuming: Re-using Imperfect Tights in a Perfectly Practical Way

“I started by utilizing We Love Color’s shoulder gloves to avoid painting arms. I then found making arm socks out of the solid color tights looked more realistic

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Cosplay: Yoko Littner

We’re always so excited by the gorgeous, colorful, and creative costumes our Cosplay customers create using our products

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Lolita Fashion

We Love Colors is happy to see our products being used in creative ways, like for Lolita Fashion! Many people think Lolita Fashion is a subgenre of Cosplay, but if you were to ask a Lolita enthusiast, they’d likely disagree with you

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Thank you to our partner Arda Wigs for supporting our Costume Contest one more year