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Critical role is a web show that was made by a group of popular voice actors. Critical role has 2 different campaigns, Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein. Vox Machina is a finished campaign whereas The Mighty Nein is still ongoing. Both campaigns are long, as is any D&D campaign. Their completed campaign holding an astonishing 115 episodes, which are broken up into eight story arcs. The Kraghammer arc,The Briarwood arc, The Chroma Conclave arc, The Taryon Darrington arc, and The Cult of Vecna arc. The Mighty Nein currently has five story arcs, the fifth one still ongoing. These consist of The Zadash arc, the In the Northward arc, The False Serpent arc, the In the Xhorhas arc, and the current arc.
One of the cast members include Mathew Mercer, who is the Dungeon Master, or DM. He is known for such roles as Mccree from Overwatch, a video game that was developed and published by a company of the name blizzard entertainment. He also voices Levi Ackerman from the english dub of Shingeki no Kyojin, or more commonly known as Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is an extremely popular anime that is about these giant monsters attacking the humans, who have to defend against these monsters.
One of the other cast members on the show is Marisha Ray. Who plays a character named Keyleth In the first arc and Beauregard in the second arc. Keyleth is a Half-elf druid. She is also the headmaster of the Ashari, four tribes based around each of the elements. They are located where the material plane meets the elemental plane. The Ashari makes sure nothing dangerous passes through. In campaign 2 marisha plays a monk named Beauregard Lionette. She belongs to a group named the Cobalt Soul. The cobalt Soul is a monk group that worships The Knowing Mistress, the goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill.
Another member is Sam Reigel. He plays a character named Scalan Shorthalt in campain one. Scalan is a gnome bard who plays a recorder. He is married to Pike Trickfoot, who is played by Ashley Johnson. He has black hair and is short in stature. In campaign two he plays a female goblin named Nott The Brave, a former halfling who has a knack for stealing things. She has a very motherly personality and cares very deeply for Caleb Widogast, a wizard played by Liam O’ Brian. Nott is also short, being a goblin, and has green skin and bright yellow eyes. She wears a porcelain mask since goblins are widely unaccepted by society.
Ashley Johnson is another cast member. In campaign one she plays Pike Trickfoot, a gnome cleric. She worships Sarenrae, also known as the Dawnflower and the Everlight, is a goddess of redemption, healing, and temperance. Pike is married to Scalan Shorthalt. She is also short like the bard, both being gnomes. Pike has white long hair that is usually wrapped up in braids but also occasionally buns. Ashley also plays an Aasimar Barbarian named Yasha Nydoorin. Yasha is only occasionally present, due to Ashleys busy schedule. Yasha is tall and muscular, along with being very pale. Her hair is black at the roots and fades to white at the tips. She was in a traveling circus, along with Mollymauk Tealeaf, who belongs to Taleisin Jaffe. The two were very close.
There is also Laura Bailey, who is married to Travis Willingham. In the first campain she plays Vex’ahlia De Rolo, a Half-Elf Ranger. Vex’ahlia, also known simply as Vex, is married to Lord Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III of Whitestone, Or Percy De Rolo, played by Taleisin Jaffe. Vex also has a twin brother Vax’ildan, played by Liam O’ Brian. In the second campaign she plays a Teifling Cleric named Jester Lavorre. Jester worships the god The Traveler, a trickster deity. Jester is a blue teifling with blue hair and black horns. She is the most commonly cosplayed with use of We Love Colors products
We also have Taleisin Jaffe. In Campaign One he plays Lord Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, or Percy. Percy is a human Gunslinger. Percy is in his early twenties and is married to Pike Trickfoot. He creates guns and fights exclusively with them. He also plays Mollymauk Tealeaf, One of the only player characters to have died. Molly is a purple teifling with eccentric looks and personality. Being labeled as a “literal and figurative peacock”. He is another common cosplay using welovecolors products. The teifling is a bloodhunter, a homebrew class created by Taleisin and Matt. Jaffe also plays Caduceus Clay. A Firbolg Cleric. Caduceus worships the wildmother, the goddess of nature and the sea. The Firbold has bright pink hair in a long mohawk style. He wears pastel clothing and is seven feet tall.
Liam O’ Brian is another cast member. In Vox Machina he plays Vax’ildan, a half-elf rogue/paladin. He is dating Keyleth, he is also Vex’ahlia’s twin brother. His other character is Caleb Widoghast. Caleb is a red-haired wizard. he is very scruffy looking, he is also described as smelling bad, although that was played off as a joke later on. Caleb loves books and is almost constantly reading them. As is common for a wizard to do. He also went to the sultress Academy, a school that Fjord, Travis Willinghams character wanted to get into.
Travis Willingham plays a goliath Barbarian named Grog Strong jaw. Grog is very tall and very pale, he also wears war paint. Grog is very low on intelligence, making him illiterate and cannot read or write in any language. He was banished by his people and is a refugee. Grog is the most physically strong member of Vox Machina and attempts to take the most damage Due to his high armor class and constitution. In the second campaign he plays a character named Fjord, a half-orc warlock. Fjord is the most leader like of the whole group. He has green skin and sharp tusks, although they are significantly smaller than most half-orc due to him manicuring them. He wears beat up leather armor, he also has a big scar on his face. The half-orc is described as the strong silent type and he mostly keeps a cool and rational outlook. He has a strong moral compass but he doesn’t try to push his beliefs onto others, especially the thief-driven Nott.
Most characters of critical role have human skin, although quite a few have unnatural tones. The most common are Jester and Mollymauk because of their overall popularity. Jester has saphire blue skin whilst molly has lavender purple, both at medium tones. Some other characters are Yasha, Fjord, and Grog. Both Yasha and Grog have gray pale skin. Fjord has dark green skin.

Written by Dirk for We Love Colors.

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