Make Up Tutorial on How to Turn Yourself into a Colorful Living Painting


This space was created a few years ago to bring artists together and give them freedom to create and express themselves in so many different ways, doing what they love.


The makeup artist Tranifer made a tutorial using our splash color leotard and tights to turn herself into a colorful live painting. * You can also use a unitard.

  1. To start things off, I tried to get myself one solid, neutral tone. I used white, but any color would work. I've done this look with blue and pink as well. Whatever tickles your fancy!
    Then, I take a dark shade and contour around my face, cheeks, collar bones, chin, neck, shoulders, etc."

2. Then, take your handy dandy brush of choice and starting splotching color all over yourself! The more haphazard and random, the better. Just keep splattering until any exposed skin is completely covered.


3.Once you're done completely covering yourself, go back in and add some dark splotches of negative space and shading.

4. And now, beauty makeup! With liquid liner to create a simple wing, and topped it off with a pair of false lashes.
Tranifer Lovely an artist residing in the back woods of Maine. She's a painter, special effects makeup artist, and plush monster maker. She enjoys spending time with her cat, Chinchilla, experimenting with cooking new types of vegan foods (that traditionally aren't vegan), and drinking too much coffee.