Magical places combined with The Art of Ballet Photo Series

Three minutes with the Miami based photographer Codis, Inspired by We Love Colors.

WLC: How long have you been a photographer?

Codis: I’ve been shooting for about 20 years, I started playing with film when I was 14, and my professional career began about 10 years ago.


WLC: What is your creative process like?

Codis: For client work, the creative process is very formulaic. You begin with a storyboard, followed by mood boards for the model, makeup artist, clothing stylist, lighting tech, etc. Once you get everyone on the same page, everyone comes together to produce this vision.

For personal work, particularly the Ballet series, I find inspiration in the places I travel and try to incorporate the art of Ballet with it.

WLC: What is a day in Codis' life like?

Codis: A typical day in my life is often not very exciting. Big exciting production shoots are often many weeks of planning, so a typical day is spent working in my home office. To keep my sanity from being home working so much, I make it a point to travel often, to expand my world view and be inspired.


WLC: Why did you choose Ballet as a theme?

Codis: Ballet is such a beautiful art. The movement of dancers is so intricate and precise. My first introduction to ballet was shooting for a non-profit foundation that paid scholarships for young kids to attend arts program. I shot a young 13 year old dancer with incredible talent. What was most interesting to me was as she was doing jumps and poses that looked incredible to my eye, her teacher was constantly correcting her. Over years of traveling I took many beautiful landscape photos, but found them to be somewhat boring to be honest, they lacked story and emotion. I began to incorporate ballet into these landscapes to add that missing element.


WLC: How does We Love Colors fit into The Art of Ballet series?

Codis: I love deep, rich colors. The pacific northwest is beautiful for this. Presumably because of the immense amounts of rain they get, the forests there are so lush. The red wood trees have this beautiful deep burgundy color accent with moss that’s almost neon green. It is quite spectacular.

Inspiration is all around us,

if only we were to open our eyes.


For many months I had been in contact with a Ballerina in Asheville, North Carolina to coordinate a shoot. I finally made my plans to head up there at the peak of their foliage season. I knew the mountains would be absolutely covered in the colors of fall, so it only seemed fitting to dress the dancer in We Love Colors to seamlessly accent the stunning scenery around her.


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