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Make Up Tutorial on How to Turn Yourself into a Colorful Living Painting

  This space was created a few years ago to bring artists together and give them freedom to create and express themselves in so many different ways, doing what they love

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A Sense of Hue by Julieta Romina

We found Julieta Romina via Instagram few months ago, her unique way to see the world and her attention to little details called our attention and made us contact her to build this project together

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Xabier Perez Inspired By We Love Colors

As part of the "Inspired By" project we are open to any art / creative collaborations with different artists

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Patterns by La Web de Madagascar

We met Carolina, from La Web de Madagascar over a year ago. We talked about art, life, music and nonsense things from everyday life

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RES TRUC TU RED by Peter Sposito, Inspired By We Love Colors

It all started with a bunch of imperfect tights and our desire to not only recycle but also promote creativity - that’s how the Inspired By project was born just a few short years ago

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Llegodoy, Inspired by We Love Colors

Normally when you see a picture from Llegodoy, you will see art. Conceptual desaturated images, serious models, interesting frames

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Embroidery Pictures - Art by Style Marmalade

We have been following Victoria's work for a while now, weeks ago we talked to her about our Inspired By Project and we offer her this space to share her artwork

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MINIZUKA, Power Art. Inspired by We Love Colors

The Colombian artist Paola Garrido, is blowing people's mind with her "power art". MINIZUKA says and express all what Paola Garrido wouldn't be able to do

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Sculptural Installation in New York by Judy Thomas, Matrix: Renewal

We asked the artist Judy Thomas about her Matrix:Renewal Project, and how she used We Love Colors tights in this Sculptural Installation

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Boppy Shoppe Hand Painted Tights Inspired By We Love Colors

One day Brandi (aka Boppy) a lover of creativiy, art and all thigs colorful came across We Love Colors instagram and found out about our Inspired By project, we connected really well and send her some imperfect tights for her to get creative and this ...