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Make Up Tutorial on How to Turn Yourself into a Colorful Living Painting

  This space was created a few years ago to bring artists together and give them freedom to create and express themselves in so many different ways, doing what they love

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Magical places combined with The Art of Ballet Photo Series

Three minutes with the Miami based photographer Codis, Inspired by We Love Colors. WLC: How long have you been a photographer? Codis: I’ve been shooting for about 20 years, I started playing with film when I was 14, and my professional career began ...

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This Is Magma– Inspired by We Love Colors.

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Agatha Magma in New York City to take part in her sculptural performance art project, "This Is Magma", this time Inspired by We Love Colors

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Arm-Socks and Costuming: Re-using Imperfect Tights in a Perfectly Practical Way

“I started by utilizing We Love Color’s shoulder gloves to avoid painting arms. I then found making arm socks out of the solid color tights looked more realistic

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Tightbomb Bicycle

Charlotte Hager is originally from Georgia, but is now located in Baltimore where she works in reproductive health and actively pursues her passion of the arts

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The Vortex Tunnel by Caroline Geys

Caroline Geys was born in Belgium and surrounded by artists for as long as she can remember. She has dabbled and experimented with many different mediums during her career, and recently collaborated with other artists to create something unlike an ...

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The Art of Cosplaying by The Geeky Gamer Girl

“Let’s face it: Everyday life is pretty boring. Cosplay gives me a chance to break out of the monotony of everyday life, and step into the shoes of my favorite characters from video games, comics, anime, cartoons, etc

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Patchwork Tights Heart Sculpture

Mary England had a box of imperfect tights she wanted to turn into something fun for all the people at the Playa Del Fuego burner event in Delaware to enjoy

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Living Street Art by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a truly unique artist, originally from Maryland. She took art classes as a teenager, but hasn't touched a traditional canvas in years

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Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager

We're always thrilled when artists are inspired by our products. Many times the artist will use the physical product in their art, but this time we're excited to share Charlotte Hager's work which was inspired by one of our pairs of splash colored ti ...