Matte opaque fitted shoulder gloves. Designed and manufactured exclusively for We Love Colors using a special knitting method that makes our three sizes fit most hands. Size A is recommended for thin short fingers, stretches up to 14" around upper arm. B fits an average adult hand size, stretches up to 15" around upper arm. C if you have longer fingers and wider hands, stretches up to 17" around upper arm . Length wise they do have the capacity to stretch between 25" and 30", they can also be worn unstretched and leave them at their original 13" to 16". Perfect for cosplay as an alternative to body paint or armsocks, theater performances or simply to add a twist to your look. The knit is very close to our leotards fabric, they are the perfect match.

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Our Nylon Spandex shoulder gloves will jazz up any outfit. These gloves fall between the shoulder and elbow and are often referred to as opera length gloves. These are of course available in all of our 50+ colors.

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It's all in the wrist! Perfect for adding flare to a special dance costume or any performance. Available in all of our 51 colors these gloves match everything!

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These gloves are cut like garden or workers gloves, if you are looking for a more delicate option, please try our other options.