• 1.5 yds
Available in 53 colors
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The possibilities are endless with our new fabric in our signature 50 colors. S stretchy, and versatile for almost any use. Available in 1.5 yard pieces (60 inches width). Weight of 210 GSM. (GSM also known as gm/2 = grams per square meter).

  • 1.5 yds
Available in 53 colors
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Create your own masterpieces, available in all of We Love Colors 50 colors. This fabric is same as our Style# 5009 - Unitards or Style# 5079 - Kids Unitards. Available in 1.5 yard pieces (60 inches width). Weight of 210 GSM. (GSM also known as gm/2 = grams per square meter).

  • One Size
Available in 8 colors
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Have the full We Love Colors shade selection right at your fingertips! Our color cards are a useful tool to help you choose the best color for any project. You can choose to get a color guide with all our 50 signature solid colors or get a card with one of our color families. This color card works as a reference but please consider that the shades may vary slightly between product styles due to fabric composition. Each color card is hand made with love.

  • Small
  • Medium
Available in 1 colors
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Unleash your creativity! This box includes a colorful assortment of our imperfect tights. These tights may have uneven color, snags or even holes. Perfect for costumes, crafting, cosplay, DIYs, and more! For more inspiration, Click here. Small - 10 pairs and Medium - 25 pairs.

*Unfortunately requests cannot be made for specific colors, includes variety of colors / styles.

  • 5 Pills
Available in 7 colors
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Our color capsules are made from 100% HPMC vegetable cellulose (Made in the USA) filled with concentrated professional grade acid dyes for nylon in powder form. Our pills dissolve rapidly in water, but you can also empty its contents in water for an even faster dissolution. Each biodegradable bag contains 5 capsules with 1gr each. Store them in a dry place.

These dyes are the same exact professional dyes we use at We Love Colors to make all our colors for you. They work perfectly on Nylon, but can be used also on protein fibers such as wool, fur, feathers, silk or even human hair wigs or hair extensions. Do not apply directly on your head.

To achieve the deepest shade possible with each color use the following formula to dye 100 grams of fabric.

  • Royal - 3.5 pills
  • Red - 4.0 pills
  • Yellow - 4.5 pills

These dyes are the same exact professional dyes We Love Colors uses when we make all our colors for you, from our location in Miami, Florida. We know they work well with any of our white items.


"The color gets super intense just after 30 seconds of being in the water. That's awesome!" -@serenitylockhartcosplay

"The color is super vibrant, I love it!" - Cosplayer

"Everything was incredibly easy and fun. First I started taking measurements, then we just freestyle and it came out great. My kids loved it too. It was a fun project to do together." - Happy Mom

"I dyed nylon, wool and fur and I'm very pleased with the results. Definitely have to play more with these dyes. They are very saturated, so if you feel like you are putting too much you're right, if you feel like you're putting too little you should be fine." @triceratopscosplay

"I'm SO excited! I was able to mix the colors and created new funky colors. I don't like measuring so I just eye-balled it and I couldn't be happier. Colors are still so bright after washing them." - Color enthusiast

"We loved creating our own color combinations. Having the dye in capsule form made it incredibly easy to control the amount of dye used as well as easy clean up. All the kids are proudly wearing their own artwork. Cheers to happy feet!" - Katie

  • 4x6 inches
Available in 1 colors
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Our stickers are the cutest addition to your collection. Use them on your agenda, postcards, notebook, planner, laptop cover, sticker wall... the options are endless! you get a bit of our beach vibes, palm trees, pool parties, fresh oranges, flamingoes and of course color! These sheets are UV Laminated White Polypropylene.

  • One Size
Available in 1 colors
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These multicolored soft elastic loops are made out of a nylon/spandex blend. Unstretched they are about one inch width, but once they are stretched they roll creating a perfect loop. This bag of 50 units comes with loops in assorted sizes and colors. They can be used as wristbands, chokers, a replacement for elastic on different craft projects, ear loops for face masks, headbands for babies, organize small items on your drawers such as tights, lingerie, gloves or any small garments as these are very delicate and won't cause any tear or damage. They are also a softer alternative to rubber bands. You can group different items together and take advantage of their color to not only keep everything in place but also color categorized. As all We Love Colors products they are dyed with love in Miami. Color, sizes and width options are available upon request. Contact us for pricing info@welovecolors.com

  • Assorted
Available in 1 colors
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1 pair of 1053 - S/M
1 pair of 1008 - A
1 pair of dance fishnets 1444 - One size
1 pair of seamless gloves 3607 - S/M
1 pair of shoulder gloves 3407 - S/M
1 pack of color cards 8008 - All colors