• 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Assorted Colors
    Assorted Colors
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Combination 2
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Combination
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Red
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Royal Blue
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon Yellow
  • 8701 Color Pills Acid Dyes Nylon
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Our color capsules are made from 100% HPMC vegetable cellulose (Made in the USA) filled with concentrated professional grade acid dyes for nylon in powder form. Our pills dissolve rapidly in water, but you can also empty its contents in water for an even faster dissolution. This is a three pack and includes 10 yellow pills, 10 red pills and 10 royal pills packed by color in a resealable and reusable moisture proof bag to keep them dry. Store them in a dry place. Each capsule contains 1gr of dye to help you dose our dyes.

To achieve the deepest shade possible with each color use the following formula to dye 100 grams of fabric.

  • Royal - 3.5 pills
  • Red - 4.0 pills
  • Yellow - 4.5 pills

These dyes are the same exact professional dyes We Love Colors uses when we make all our colors for you, from our location in Miami, Florida. We know they work well with any of our white items.


"The color gets super intense just after 30 seconds of being in the water. That's awesome!" -@serenitylockhartcosplay

"The color is super vibrant, I love it!" - Cosplayer

"Everything was incredibly easy and fun. First I started taking measurements, then we just freestyle and it came out great. My kids loved it too. It was a fun project to do together." - Happy Mom

"I dyed nylon, wool and fur and I'm very pleased with the results. Definitely have to play more with these dyes. They are very saturated, so if you feel like you are putting too much you're right, if you feel like you're putting too little you should be fine." @triceratopscosplay

"I'm SO excited! I was able to mix the colors and created new funky colors. I don't like measuring so I just eye-balled it and I couldn't be happier. Colors are still so bright after washing them." - Color enthusiast

"We loved creating our own color combinations. Having the dye in capsule form made it incredibly easy to control the amount of dye used as well as easy clean up. All the kids are proudly wearing their own artwork. Cheers to happy feet!" - Katie

  • Country Of Origin: USA

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Customer Comments

I was looking for colored nylon gloves to use for a cosplay, and they had exactly what I needed! I will definitely be buying from them again.
By Chris on 8/23/2020
The products are top notch! The customer service is awesome. The nylon anklet socks are so so so amazing! I recommend!! The
By Nylons101 on 6/20/2020
I love this site to buy my nylon socks! The socks are so beautiful! The nylon luxurious!
By Nylon Bobby sock Girl on 6/4/2020
As always, the color selection is fantastic. I really wish there were more views of the products, though, so that you can see where seams are placed, since I'm working on a cosplay character with a lot of visible skin. Also, it would be amazing if WLC offered full coverage nylon body stockings!
By KrisJade on 6/1/2020
Was told by my physician that a nylon spandex pantyhose helps a lot of patient’s restless leg syndrome symptoms. So tried a pair and now I don’t need to take the meds now. The quality, fit and how comfortable this product is A+. I have placed large order for more.
By Art on 5/13/2020
I was interested in getting some nylon solid socks but every time I clicked the image it would load a different pair with no options to get to the area to put them in the cart or select a different color. It would just randomly show another image with each click.
By Kat on 5/7/2020