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A Spectrum of Possibilities Creating Costumes for Theater and Opera with We Love Colors

In the captivating world of theater and opera, every aspect of a production contributes to its overall impact

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Presale Armsocks Shirt and Catsuit

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Splash Color Socks Not Tie Dye

Meet the new kids on the block!! Our crew ribbed socks Style# 1552 are the perfect blend of timeless design, style and high-performance, yet still perfect for everyday wear

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How to choose the best tights for you!

How to know which tights are best for me When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of tights, there are a few factors to consider

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15 Percent off on 15 Items

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How Tights (Pantyhose) are Made

Tights or pantyhose are a type of legwear that are made by knitting fabric in a cylindrical shape creating a long tube

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We Love Colors - Plus Size Collection

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Buy Yourself Flowers and Some We Love Colors Goodies

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When in doubt, get a Mystery Box

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Holiday Fashion with Buddy the Elf in We Love Colors tights

Meet Blake or @thereal_buddytheelf_hobbs on Instagram, a real life elf and among being featured in many articles in his hometown, he spreads cheer and joy through his recreation of Buddy the Elf, marathon running, and giving back ...