Plus Size Christmas Tights

We put together some of our favorite looks from our blogger friends wearing Christmas Tights and Winter outfits. Scroll through and get inspired. We love to see how you do YOU!

You can either go with one of our classic solid colors in muted tones such as Maroon and Hunter green or Spruce Green, or go bright with our Scarlet Red and Kelly Green. If you are more of a Grinch fan our Olive Green is perfect for you! There is no right or wrong way to go about Christmas Tights, basically whatever makes you happy works!

The colors mentioned above and tens of other colors, are available combined with white stripes for a candy cane-ish effect. Melody Mae recreated that look a couple years ago and of course it is timeless. We had to share it again. Get yourself a pair of white striped tights here.

If you are thinking, no-no!, I’m going for a colorful holiday aesthetic, something different. Well! check out Kristina’s looks. She picked Royal and Gold for the look below. Not bad, huh? You will find many other vintage-inspired combinations in her blog.

For those who prefer a more classic outfit, no worries, we also got the standard black or white pair, as worn by Briana from Sassy Scarlet on the last photo, who by the way has a very thorough review on her blog comparing our 3 different plus size tights.

If you have questions about sizing, colors, perhaps you want to match a specific color, planning a matching look with your family members for Christmas… whatever it is feel free to email us at or if you are in the US give us a call at (305) 889 0793 we are always happy to assit you. You can also contact us via Facebook or Instagram. #WeLoveColorsUSA

Happy Holidays!