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Prices are good, and selection of men's leggings is amazing. selection of colors is amazing

By moresmallerbear on 6/25/2018

Very good quality tights, they fit really well and stretch way more than anticipated. A fantastic product for people who don't fit into the standard sizing or who may be Inbetween sizes.

By Online Shopper on 6/25/2018

I purchased another set prior to this order and the colors in the cubes didn't match what I received so i went with what everyone else labels colors. I am hoping i am satisfied with these colors, but I love that they have all sizes

By Online Shopper on 6/25/2018

1st time purchase was very easy.

By Meg on 6/24/2018

Everyone is so helpful and I have told my friends about you all!

By SissyBeans on 6/24/2018

The site was very easy to navigate, not the prettiest. However, the products have been recommended multiple times and I've decided to give them a try.

By Antonia on 6/24/2018

I mean. This is the first time I'm buying from We Love Colors, and for an online shopping experience it was pretty great? It's so hard to find good quality clothing in plus sizes these days, and in so many pretty colors.

By Flann on 6/23/2018

A few of the cosplayers I follow use this company for their tights and arm stockings. So I know this is a good company if you need solid colored tights. Since I'm doing Raven and she has a grayish undertone I ordered light gray tights and the black long sleeve turtleneck leotard since I need that too. I am super excited for my order and they are priced well for their quality so I am probably going buy from here again.

By Leigh on 6/23/2018

Lots of styles and colors to choose from

By Online Shopper on 6/23/2018

Tights are very comfortable and fit perfect.

By Jen on 6/23/2018

Easy checkout, great products.

By Lily on 6/22/2018

The only shop where I could buy exactly what I wanted- wonderful

By Online Shopper on 6/22/2018

I had a good experience. Someone with a large following on instagram recommended your company, as well as another person with a large following. I have seen the quality of your products in person and I am very please and excited to receive my first order. Chances are, I will recommend you guys to friends as well.

By Alex on 6/21/2018

The best parts of my ordering experience were the wide range of colors, and the affordable/fair prices. The only improvements would be if the exact fabric ratios (% of nylon, lycra, spandex, etc) and denier could be listed for every item (these are listed for the women's sizes, but not for the children's items). Also, close-up/zoomed-in pictures of the materials/tights would have been a little helpful in giving me an idea of what the stretch/knit would be like in person. Individual photos for every color would be ideal. Lastly, the phone-in menu doesn't list an option for product inquiries (though it does cover everything else! The call-in options are clear, but it would have been nice to be able to talk to a rep to get more information on the thickness of a couple different options). Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience!

By Gabby on 6/20/2018

I love how this tights are comfortable for ballet classes

By Diego1219 on 6/20/2018

I love that they have plus sizes and fashion colours.

By Online Shopper on 6/19/2018

You have a variety of products and choices to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

By Online Shopper on 6/19/2018

I always purchase my son's ballet tights from WeLoveColors. They are the only tights he will wear.

By Online Shopper on 6/19/2018

They have plus sized tights in all colours. Go.

By Annie on 6/19/2018

I used the size guide to buy the tights, but they did not fit at all. Very disappointing because now I have to pay for postage again, which is quite a lot of money.

By Online Shopper on 6/19/2018