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It was hard to determine colors

By jan on 6/13/2018

My only comment is that the web site listed first class shipping as $3 but when I placed my order it was $4. I don't mind the cost either way but the communication was messy.

By Online Shopper on 6/13/2018

Honestly, your website is a little clunky feeling. Not really mobile friendly. I wish there was a better description of the different types of material and how they differ from each other. The images in the product pages aren't very good quality either. I also wish the image changed to the color I was purchasing.

By Online Shopper on 6/13/2018

Large variety of colors and plus size availability are great factors for me.

By Vic on 6/13/2018

I reordered the matte legging I love so much, and was sad to see they will be discontinued. I hope you have a replacement for them. I recommend them a lot!

By T. on 6/13/2018

I love We Love Colors, I use them for all of my aerial dance performances! I also used to use them for cosplay costumes. Their tights are high quality and hold up really well to intense use and wear. I'll definitely be back!

By KavinFipit on 6/13/2018

The website looks like it offers a WIDE variety of items and, of course, in MANY colors! I am eager to explore the website further so I can engage in purchases at will. Today's purchase is needed for a costume, so is required. I look forward to regular shopping too!

By Kate on 6/12/2018

When you enter parts of the website sometimes you cant go back which is weird and its a little iffy on mobile but the products seem good and I'm excited to get my first order.

By Kittyismew on 6/12/2018

I use We Love Colors tights and fishnets in conjunction with dance tights to hide my hip pads and create the illusion of having larger hips for my work as a drag queen. They're sturdy and the color range has been very helpful in matching everything to my skintone. They fishnets in particular seem to tear and snag less than others that I've used in the past; which is why I only have to purchase them every 6 months or so. In the past; fishnets in my size have only lasted me 5-6 wears; whereas I'd estimate my WLC fishnets have lasted approximately 48 (2x a week, 4 weeks in a month, 6 months).

By Isabella Xochitl on 6/12/2018

I've been having trouble finding white tights in my happy to have found this site. Can't wait to receive them...hope the quality doesn't disappoint!

By Ren Girl 1 on 6/12/2018

Has a great selection, especially for items that can be used for cosplay.

By Online Shopper on 6/11/2018

These tights fit extremely well and the color choices are so amazing. I love wearing tights and welovecolors has such a wonderful selection.

By Trisha on 6/11/2018

The site is really easy to use, the colors are generally 100% match to the online picture, and the tights I got (and have been getting!) are perfect fitting and durable. I love them so much! Their customer service is also wonderful!

By Kaitie on 6/11/2018

Wonderful color selection and variety of products attractively presented. Interactions are delightful, cheerful and most efficient. I'd enthusiastically recommend We Love Colors to any and all. The knee socks are perfect with my long dresses and flat shoes. I'm so glad I found you because I love colors! I would like to see a color chart with much larger blocks.

By Online Shopper on 6/11/2018

Excellent quality tights.

By Dodgeboy on 6/10/2018

I have loved this site for years, for Cosplay and everyday hosiery. These have always been quality products that last me for years and I always recommend this site to friends.

By Kat on 6/9/2018

Saw item in magazine; and found it on-line. It would be helpful to highlight items featured in magazines. I might have found it quicker.

By Mary on 6/9/2018

Easy to use site, the color guide is very useful and helpful in choosing colors, straight forward experience

By Online Shopper on 6/9/2018

If you're looking to buy some stockings for your wife with a wide variety of colors, you should try we love colors.

By ikazuchi on 6/9/2018

Completely in love!

By Online Shopper on 6/9/2018