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We Love Colors has a decent selection of plus-sized hosiery. The only things I disliked about my experience was that 1. there isn't enough information about the individual items themselves. What's the denier? Some items don't have material information. There could be more pictures. and 2. the website setup can be confusing because there isn't an obvious difference between many of the plus-sized options, besides difference in sizing and price. This is where knowing about the denier and materials is very important because it would allow you to make a more informed decision. Also, as far as the selection goes, I would appreciate some polka dotted tights and warmer selections.

By SS on 4/19/2018

The plus size options and variety of striped tights colours are the best I have seen anywhere. When they arrive if the fit is as amazing as your variety I will be recommending your site to all my friends. BEST PLUS SIZES AND OPTIONS! KEEP THEM COMING!

By Kaiju on 4/19/2018

I love the quality of tights and the size ranges. Prices are reasonable too. I'd just like the polka dot ones to be available in larger sizes as well.

By Liz on 4/19/2018

It would have been great to see a picture of the tights in all the different colors. Just to be able to get a better view of how the colors came out on the product.

By Lauren on 4/18/2018

I have heard of this sights and the tights from many cosplayers over the internet as well as at conventions. I am excited to receive the tights I order to make arm socks for a cosplay I am working on. The products I wanted are all available, however the site itself was not as visually pleasing as I expected. Things were easy to find but it would have been nice to see customer images or things of that nature.

By Vannah on 4/17/2018

the most comfortable tights I've ever worn, and the colours are incredible.

By Helen on 4/16/2018

This came up as recommended by and for cosplayers as a source for tights to use in lieu of bodypaint; I am delighted by your selection of colors!

By Online Shopper on 4/16/2018

These tights are very soft and so comfortable. The biggest reason I buy from this sight is the variety of colors they offer. I have not found a selection like this anywhere. I also like the price, I find these tights very affordable for the quality of the product. These are a win, win deal.

By Vicky on 4/16/2018

I recommend We Love Colors to all of my plus-size/fat friends. I've been purchasing WLC tights for a few years now and they are the only tights that fit me well. They don't really stand up well and I have to buy new ones every year, but I think it's worth it for the fit, comfort and color.

By sally on 4/13/2018

As a plus-sized costume maker, it's hard to find tights and leggings that won't rip of tear. We Love Colors always has good quality tights and leggings in a variety of colors for the variety of costumes I make!

By Navi on 4/13/2018

This is a great shop for tights and I just found out you carry gloves which was perfect for what I needed for my costume!

By Dee on 4/11/2018

I love the various colors that I am unable to find elsewhere. Yet I've only worn one of the tights twice and it already has a long run in it despite that I was very careful when putting them on. It makes me hesitant to reorder from you.

By Online Shopper on 4/10/2018

I love the tights that I buy from We Love Colors! Perfect for my fairy-like style.

By Online Shopper on 4/10/2018

Literally this is the onlt site with decent prices for dance wear as well as a good selection of tights for plus size. the only thing i would recommend improving are to get thigh highs in plus sizes.other than that, i would def tell my friend about it. :)

By dollface on 4/9/2018

a "how to measure" size chart would be wonderful, as well as a listing of what each item is made out of specifically on the item (i was trying to match the fabrics of my tights and leotard and found it difficult)

By Ghosty on 4/8/2018

I am a theatre teacher and am using these tights in a play. We used your service for a play last year and your tights were AMAZING!!! My play opens the week of the I’m hoping they get here in time.

By Ricky on 4/7/2018

I have bought a large amount of tights from we love colors in the past and have gotten great customer service and quality tights.

By Heather on 4/7/2018

Love the tights from here. Especially since you have plus size option.

By Koizumi Chan on 4/6/2018

Go to for high quality, long lasting tights in any color that’s on trend

By Kittymodern on 4/6/2018

Love the website ! Wish there were more patterned tights though

By Hannah on 4/5/2018
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