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I was pleased to find what looks like a color that will match my body paint for a costume perfectly, and the prices for tights are very affordable.

By B on 5/10/2018

I just got my order today and I'm so happy with these tights! They are very comfortable and opaque.

By Online Shopper on 5/10/2018

I adore welovecolor 's tights, they're perfect for the costume bits that I make, and come in a fantastic array of colors. I have not had a bad experience yet.

By Jule on 5/8/2018

I first ordered tights from y’all roughly 4 years ago and all three pairs are still in such fantastic shape. I’ve never had tights that hold up as well as these. But after four years of pretty hard wear and tear I think it’s time for a new set that I hope will last just as long.

By Sid on 5/7/2018

I loved the color guide, it made it really easy to find the perfect color tights I need for my cosplay. I'm happy about the number of unique colors too!

By cosplaykupo on 5/6/2018

I had to replace a pair of tights I've had for several years, and the new tights are even better than the old ones!

By Online Shopper on 5/6/2018

I really enjoy the quality and variety of the tights available through WeLoveColors and am happy to purchase my new tights from them!

By Shannon on 5/5/2018

Been looking for days for summer tights!

By Jean on 5/4/2018

I really like how many colors the tights come in. I would like to see every color on a model, though as the small square with the color in it doesn't give a great idea of how it would actually look.

By anna b on 5/3/2018

Plus size tights are a challenge. I have wanted to buy tights from you from forever. I am treating myself for my birthday, Fingers crossed I am actually an A/B I am 200lbs and 5'3 but my thighs and butt take up so much room that most tights tend to be short and not fit correctly in the crotch. I usually buy a size up, but hoping your tights are true to size. I am also always looking for thick knit winter tights. Actual sweater knit fuzzy wool sock style. Not the fleece lined leggings style. No one is making large enough warm enough footed tights for large girls who like to wear skirts and dresses in the winter. You would sell TONS to working women in NY. Please consider making them!!

By Tani on 5/2/2018

I have bought all my tights from We Love Colors in the last few years. I have a bunch of colors that match all my outfits. I love this site.

By Laryn on 5/1/2018

Easy site navigation, but I don't think the color list does the color of the tights justice.

By phrenicquake on 5/1/2018

The MicroFiber Tights are sooo incredibly soft and opaque!!! They're prefect for cosplay!

By Caden on 4/29/2018

I was looking for a pair of teal tights in person for a next-day "color party" (wearing all one color). I wasn't able to find any for that, but I realized I still wanted teal tights, so as I was already familiar with We Love Colors - and have recommended it to friends looking for brightly colored tights in the past - I decided to come hear and purchase a pair. They were easy to find in my size, and while slightly more expensive than most tights I purchase are within the "normal" range.

By KE on 4/29/2018

I love the variety of colors, and the fact that they come in a wide range of sizes is essential to my buying from this site. I have several other tights from this retailer, and have always been pleased with the quality, the brightness of the colors, and how comfortable they are.

By Alice on 4/27/2018

I love coloured tights but there's hardly anything available in Australia, particularly in plus size. We Love Colors FTW!

By Purple Kitty on 4/27/2018

Being a tall plus sized woman, its always been hard to find tights that 1) Fit 2) conceal varicose veins. I first saw your company on eBay and thought I'd try it out. It's wonderful!!

By Heidster on 4/24/2018

Love the opaque tights

By Nina on 4/23/2018

I have been searching for tights in a wide variety of colors and have not been able to find any in stores beyond the classic colors. If you want more colors to choose from, this online retailer has them.

By Aven on 4/23/2018

Liked the range of colours! I have been looking for footless tights since my usual UK source is out of stock. I am concerned about how they will cope with the combination of my thighs and some humid summer weather, but hope for the best!

By L on 4/21/2018
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