A Sense of Hue by Julieta Romina

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We found Julieta Romina via Instagram few months ago, her unique way to see the world and her attention to little details called our attention and made us contact her to build this project together. We are so happy to have her as part of our list of creative minds Inspired by We Love Colors.

I felt inspired by the whole We Love Colors project, ironically because I usually create desaturated images. I was drawn by the fact that I could make a project totally Inspired by Colors and give to it my own aesthetics, simple and minimalistic.

WLC: What's your creative process like?

Julieta: I like to inspire myself with certain kinds of music or listening/ reading to people that make me somehow understand a little more about how everything works. I must include one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts that while I’m listening to him, I go surfing the web looking for works of artists such as Joan Miró or Piet Mondrian until I get what I am looking for.

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WLC: Why photography to express yourself?

J: I believe photography is a fantastic tool that allows us to capture whatever captivates us in the moment, so it’s amazing to somehow show people how certain places, elements or people made me feel through a simple photo.

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I feel attracted to linear aspects, simplicity, architecture and minimalism. And I’m always intrigued by how nature and the auric proportions drag us to admire elements or people and to see what we call “beauty” in them. So, taking pictures, beyond wanting them to transmit something, for me is a seeking to understand the “why” behind everything.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset Featuring We Love Colors glitter fishnets and scoop neck leotards. Model: Aminta Online