Best Plus Size Tights for Any Occasion

Having trouble finding the best plus size tights? It’s no secret that we want to spread happiness and joy by having the most colorful tights around, but also, we value and support inclusivity. We make sure our products have inclusive sizing since we believe in personal style as being an important means of creative expression. So, naturally, our tights are available in plus sizes all the way up to 8X. They are incredibly soft and stretchy, and come in a variety of colors and we even cary footless plus size tights as well!

We’ve put together some of our favorite looks using our tights, and we keep it quirky of course. These are opaque plus size tights you can wear for any occasion, as you will see below!

Summer Fun

What’s funner than a romper? Fishnet tights underneath a romper! It gives the look some extra dimension and texture, and is definitely interesting to look at. This is a great look to wear to summer outings and fun get together because it’s comfortable and aesthetically engaging as well.

Brunch Outfit with Tights

Well, the cute little floral dress you have can have it’s own glow up moment with a pair of opaque tights. Pick a pair of plus size tights by choosing one of the colors of the dress. That gives it a polished look.

Lunch Date

A day time look you can’t go wrong with is highly contrasting colors. Also, primary colors are just so interesting to look at that you can never go wrong with red tights. Yes, they are bold, but paired with the right pair of bold heels, you’re in business!

Business Meeting

You know your go to power dress look? Imagine that with a pair of colorful tights. Now imagine yourself walking into a meeting with all that confidence. Everyone will be like, who is she?

Work Outfit

Bring the party to work with colorful tights that match your dress. It’ll definitely bring out the smiles in the office. We can almost guarantee it, but can’t really guarantee it because of legal, you know.

Happy Hour

What’s happier than happy hour drinks with your girls? Looking like a snack when you show up. Pair your favorite dress with a belt, some boots and some plus size fish net tights for a look that’s definitely going to draw some attention. Want to take it up a notch? Throw in a hat, and a totally new look is in session.

Winter Outings

Cold weather doesn’t have to force you to put away your favorite dress! Throw on a cute crop jacket and some of our thick opaque tights and you’ll look good and stay warm.