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Incredibly soft, stretchy and durable 80 denier Microfiber Tights. These tights are full-footed with a medium thickness and solid opaque color. Available in our 51 colors!

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These incredibly soft, opaque tights are designed with a plus-size figure in mind. They are full-footed and have 70 denier, making them so comfortable you won't want to take them off. Stretch to perfectly fit your unique body shape.

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Live your life in color with our new solid color Nylon/Lycra plus size tights.

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Our plus size tights are soft and stretchy and are specially made with the needs of plus size woman in mind, and they are of course available in all of our 50+ colors.

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High fashion and high function microfiber spandex footless tights. Now you can have your style of leggings in each of our over 51 colors!!

Available striped hosiery in your size, these plus size tights let you have a little more fun with your outfit or costume.

Available in your size, let these sporty plus size tights add a little sizzle to your standard black tights. Perfect for any occasion these plus size tights are available with black and any of our 50 colors striped.

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As soft as a cloud and as colorful as a kaleidoscope. Make getting dressed for the day fun with these long lasting Nylon / Spandex blend tights.

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Our Performance Footless Tights / Leggings are built for professional dancers who move in extreme ranges of motion and require significant durability.

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Our new microfiber opaque kids tights are durable and super soft with a cotton gusset to keep your little one comfortable. Of course they available in all of our 51 plus solid colors.

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Our high performance dance tights are built to last performance after performance, without running or snagging.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Temporary sale. No returns or refunds accepted. This price has been reduced $3 on each size, limited supplies and colors are available. Make your size and color selection before adding to cart.

Have a little naughty with your nice in these sweet and sexy striped tights. NOW available in all 50 colors with white stripes.

Add a little something special to your basic white tights in these cute and comfortable white striped tights. Flexible and durable these are perfect with any outfit or costume. NOW available in 50 colors with white stripes.

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Your little fashionista will love our new kids microfiber footless tights, colorful and bright, soft and squishy with a cotton gusset to keep your little one comfortable. Choose from 51 colors.

What’s black and color striped and completely cute all over? You in these comfortable striped tights. Flexible and durable these are perfect with any outfit or costume. Available with black and any of our 51 colors.

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Very new item with limited inventory. May experience longer lead times (2 weeks). These are also available in Splash Colors email for details.