RES TRUC TU RED by Peter Sposito, Inspired By We Love Colors

It all started with a bunch of imperfect tights and our desire to not only recycle but also promote creativity - that’s how the Inspired By project was born just a few short years ago. Since then we have received contributions from amazing minds from all around the globe that promote sustainable art.

We are proud to introduce you to the latest submission of our Inspired By project by young Spanish fashion designer, Peter Sposito. Have a close up look at RES TRUC TU RED.


"I remember that as soon as he told me his intentions in an arousing way, I couldn't do any other thing than replying to him how funny it was for me that in the end that he was just using black. "Black is a color though, the compendium of all colors, so it's white". It was then when I finally understood that the reconstruction he was getting into, was not about darkness or absence... It was about light. How to comprehend color, about accepting it, assimilating it, loving it and then knowing how to reduce it, getting an implosion as a result.  A coherent conclusion in which light, color and shape turned into one.

Cutting, sewing and sticking pins, drawing, breaking, getting desperate, starting back from scratch. Playing with materials, analyzing them and then putting them down. "Black is a color though, the compendium of all colors, so it's white".

The reconstruction had kicked off and the smell of the volcanic lava could be recognized. It had exploded. It was the beginning of the Bing-Bang."   - Jose Señorán

Illustration E. 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 polacompleto 0007creditos We are wondered by the Master Piece created by Peter Sposito and Jose Señorán, on how they transformed a couple of black tights, shoelaces and white fabric into a art. We have hundreds of tights looking for creative projects. Send us an email with your ideas. We will support the best ones and the final projects will be featured in our Inspired By page. Join #InspiredByWeLoveColors.