Holiday Fashion with Buddy the Elf in We Love Colors tights

Meet Blake or @thereal_buddytheelf_hobbs on Instagram, a real life elf and among being featured in many articles in his hometown, he spreads cheer and joy through his recreation of Buddy the Elf, marathon running, and giving back within the community.

The story of Buddy the Elf resonates with many of us in that we often may not feel as if we fit in and begin to move toward our journey to find ourselves.  That journey may take us far away from our beginnings and into a new realm creating new experiences.  In finding ourselves, we find so much more along the way!  The journey may take unexpected twists and turns with chaotic moments as well as the moments that keep you laughing for years to come.  The moments that turn into memories to recall at a later time.  As Buddy the Elf says "I just like to smile...." this reminds us to keep smiling in the midst of it all, find the colors in the grey surroundings.  We keep moving forward, we keep pushing toward our dreams and goals, even traveling to the great unknown, of course all while in We Love Colors tights. We love that our colors can help portray this character in a fun light and re-create scenes from the original production of Buddy the Elf played originally by Will Ferrell.  

As Elves are busy individuals, they tend to move around quite often and need garments that work with movement, the Performance tights allow extreme endurance from marathon running to productions!  The form fitting nylon around the legs helps showcase the strength as elves are proud of their strong legs and showing them off, they do have a lot of running around to do making all of those toys!  Christmas elves specifically are associated with the holiday and work closely with Santa Claus.  To compliment the red that Santa wears, elves are known to wear green with trimmings of red felt and white cotton.  Tights for Santa elves are sometimes white, green, red, or white stripes, and for Buddy the Elf, gold!  Our wide variety of styles, colors, and striped tights allows you to bring your very own elf character to life.

For the Buddy the Elf Costume the best for durability and performance are the Style# 1061 Performance Tights in the color Gold as seen in this flat lay of the Buddy the Elf costume. This allows focus on whats important, having fun, and not so much on the wardrobe. The performance tights allow the movement you need when you are in costume and the durability to wear over and over again.  Buddy the Elf is popular through the Holiday season from costumes for events, performances, or just to have fun and bring a bit of happiness to others.  Buddy can bring out the inner child in us and we may even identify with pursuing life quests and not fitting in when new situations present themselves.  Being able to express ourselves represents our missions in life to find out who we are, and what better way to do it than have a costume that brings joy and fun to so many people.  Blake embraces his role and has created a tradition in Canada of bringing happiness to so many through his performances and adventures of recreating famous scenes from the movie and spreading holiday cheer to community events, all while wearing We Love Colors Tights!  Available in all of our 50+ colors and even white striped tights, you too can spread a little holiday cheer and have your costume Elf ready!  Whether you are spreading cheer, dancing, or running a marathon, we have you covered with performance tights made to be worn alone and made to last.

All pictures provided by Blake.