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Available in 60 colors
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Our luxuriously soft Microfiber Ankle Length Footless Tights offer a stretchy, comfortable, and absolutely stylish addition to your wardrobe. You can have your style of leggings in each of our 51+ colors! These sleek and affordable tights are great for layering and creating show stopping dress up or casual fashion looks.

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Available in 60 colors
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This style will be discontinued. All sales are final. No returns or refunds accepted. Limited colors remaining.

See our Style# 1061 - Performance Tights for an alternative style. Our footed Performance tights are built for professional dancers and performers who move in extreme ranges of motion and require significant durability.

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  • 11-14
Available in 60 colors
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Your little one will love our new kids microfiber footless tights. These tights are colorful and bright, soft and squishy and include a cotton gusset to keep your super star comfortable. Choose from our range of 51+ colors.

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Available in 1 colors
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This is your chance to wear one of a kind footless tights. None of them will ever be the same. These packs are perfect for adventurous color lovers, you may even want to collect them as this is a limited edition. You may get orange and purple, pink and black, red and yellow, who knows! We hand dye them in a creative and spontaneous way for you. Each one is a little piece of art.

Our footless tights are made out of our classic soft and stretchy microfiber yarn. Perfect to layer with shorts, skirts, dresses during the warmer months of the year and underneath every single garment during the cold months to brighten up those gray days as you also get warmed up.