Hurricane Katrina Relief Donations

For the month of September 2005 We Love Colors has taken 5% of the sale of every product sold and committed those funds for the donation to Hurricane Katrina Relief. We were originally going to send someone to the Gulf Coast region to ensure that our donated funds would go directly those suffering from this disaster, however the volunteer programs immediately following the event required specialized emergency response training and/or longer term volunteer commitments than our representative could arrange. We then reached out to our customers in the affected areas for guidance on local charities that would get the money closer to where it was needed most. We received a number of responses and from those responses we have chosen the following list of charties of which to donate:
  • St. Vincent DePaul (
  • Tipitina�s Foundation (
  • United Way of Acadiana (
  • Abbot Justin Brown
  • Fr. Joseph P. Callipare
  • Michael Siu/Orleans Disaster Fund (
  • Baton Rouge Area Foundation (
  • Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault ( / )
  • Lazarus House (
  • LASPCA (
  • New Orleans Music Clinic (
Funds were divided with greater proportion of allocated funds going towards causes we felt most strongly. With the committed funds We Love Colors is also making one direct donation to a customer in Chalmette, LA who lost everything she owned including her home. We also sent 43 pounds worth of socks to St. Vincent DePaul's as that was one of their requested items for donation.

We realize that our donation is small relative to the devastion and need after Hurricane Katrina. We hope that we helped some of those suffering in some small way.

Thank you very much,
Your Friends at We Love Colors

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