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I bought tights for a new cosplay and I was pleased by how easy it was to find what I needed! <3
By Becca on 9/22/2019
This is my first time buying from We Love Colors, but a search for plus-sized tights recommended yours. The site was easy to use and well put together. I appreciated the plus-sized models.
By H on 9/21/2019
I love how easy it is to shop and check out, I adore the product, but the exchange rate from USD to CAD is killer! Almost $200 on tights for me and my wife...they're worth it, but I'd sure love a coupon every now and then.
By Online Shopper on 9/20/2019
Pretty nice. Ordered tights for a cosplay
By Galaxy on 9/19/2019
I ordered tights later than I should have. I placed a note in my email that I needed them delivered ASAP. The items were received in plenty of time. Excellent customer service.
By MO on 9/19/2019
Super easy to find exactly what I needed: scarlet red opaque tights for a Kate Bush Wuthering Heights costume! The price is good for decent quality tights, and there's a ridiculous range of colors. You'll be able to find exactly the right shade.
By Kit on 9/19/2019
Very happy with my purchase - plus I love that the packaging was made from tights and not plastic!
By Kat on 9/19/2019
As long as this company still exists, I will never buy tights anywhere else. Their nylon/lycra tights are the best, ever.
By Jenn on 9/18/2019
I love these tights and the brand they are called we love colors they have 51+ colors they are super comfortable durable and they fit amazing they worked great for my Wrestling match I had didn’t rip tear or anything I still have them now and still no runs at all I will b buying more of these tights in the future nothing bad really to say about them they even got sizes and styles for men and they also the 51+ colors of tights for men as well my husband wants some as well so he can keep joining me in my wrestling matches
By Ravyn on 9/18/2019
I couldn't find plus size kelly green and white striped tights anywhere! Then, I stumbled across this website and it is amazing!
By sweeetpea003 on 9/17/2019
I have been searching for brown and white striped tights or socks for weeks now and this was the only site that offered not only what I was looking for, but so many other different options. Site is great. With navigation was a bit easier, but I cannot c ol complain too much. Very satisfied. Hoping the product will not disappoint.
By Jennifer on 9/17/2019
I love We Love Colors because they have such an excellent selection of colors to choose from and make comfy, durable tights for all sizes!
By Nicki on 9/16/2019
You can’t always tell how the colours will turn out, but if you check the mehron colour chart it has their base colours matched to paint. The rest is a bit of guesswork but the tights are a cheap(ish) way to find out and match for cosplay. The seamless gloves are 900000% better than making your own arm socks. Buy them. (Please expand your Mehron colour matching to new colours! Aqua and neon blue aren’t on there)
By TeamTiefling on 9/16/2019
I love we love colors. I have multiple gloves and tights from this brand and they make my costumes so much easier to wear. I love not having to paint my hands/legs. I'm updating my costume and so wanted to purchase shorter gloves for even easier wear.
By Ash on 9/16/2019
I can always count on finding the tights I need for my daughter, especially for Halloween when I need to find unique styles and different colors at a reasonable price. We Love Colors is my go to store for hosiery and have recommended them several times to friends.
By Rhodiemom on 9/16/2019
I hope these are a good fit if so I will sing their praises bc polus size tights are hard to find
By Online Shopper on 9/16/2019
I've heard many good things about We Love Colors and as a new Jester Cosplayer decided that they were the best place to go for what I needed. The fact that they are so inclusive with size is truly impressive! I didn't need tights for me (just for Jester's tail) but the wide range of sizes and the fact that they weren't dramatically increased in price is nice to see as someone who is a size 20 and usually has to pay twice the price of someone who isn't plus sized. There were a variety of shipping options (SO MANY OPTIONS!) and I can't wait to receive my gloves and tights!
By Brie on 9/15/2019
This is my first order, so I am nervous to see how the tights fit, but I am very impressed by the wide range of color options they offer! I would definitely recommend checking it out!
By TOAD on 9/14/2019
We Love Colors was honestly such a relief to find. I’m a plus size woman and being able to find tights in fun colors AND in my size was amazing.
By Shelby on 9/13/2019
I love the variety of colors and different styles of tights available. I don't think the colors on the website are very true to life, though. The "rust" color tights on-line look more red (which is what I was looking for), but they are more orange and like actual rust. So, maybe the names are accurate, but the color selector is not.
By Doh on 9/13/2019
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