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I would recommend this site because I need a variety of colors since I am a plus size woman. Fast service and variety is what I need and stores in my town do not carry any variety at all.

By JanL on 4/1/2018

WeLoveColors is THE place to go for Homestuck cosplay, as their "light gray" color perfectly matches Ben Nye's gray theatrical makeup. If you do not want to paint your entire legs and arms gray and spend your time at a con smearing greasy makeup on everything and everyone around you, just buy their tights and matching nylon gloves in light grey, and it will look awesome in photos. I remember back in the old days it was a rite of passage spending hours making "armsocks" out of a pair of your tights, basically wearing them over your head and on your arms and painstakingly sewing it around your fingers to make perfect form-fitting gloves, thank God you guys actually sell gloves now! The newcomers don't know how easy they have it!

By K on 3/31/2018

The products are high quality and I love the size range.

By Tehtech on 3/31/2018


By Online Shopper on 3/31/2018

I was delighted to find a store with all of the colors you have. Sometimes you need a special color that is not easily found elsewhere.

By Kcat333 on 3/31/2018

I've heard good things about WLC's quality of product so I decided to drop a few dollars on some socks and compare to other vendors that I've bought from. I usually get the cheapest possible, so I'm spending a few more dollars than I'm used to, but if these thigh-highs are any thicker than the $2 ones on Wish and don't slip while I'm walking, I'll save and make We Love Colors my recommended vendor!

By Toby on 3/31/2018

Highly recommended by the cosplay community! I can't wait to receive my order! Ki

By Miki on 3/30/2018


By MEALY on 3/29/2018

This is my first time using the site and thus far I like it. The website was easy to navigate and not too harsh on the eyes like some websites can be. Once I see how my product looks when it arrives I'll decide if I'll shop here again in the future.

By Trish on 3/29/2018

This was a good experience, I was pleased with the number of options and costs.

By color on 3/28/2018

I love the tights I bought and I plan on buying a few more and they have a great selection of colors to choose from.

By Online Shopper on 3/28/2018

I was pleased with my experience, there were lots of colors to choose from, and the prices were affordable.

By love on 3/28/2018

I love the range of colors because I am matching leotards to dance show dresses. I order from other dance wear stores, and, the main four I use do not charge shipping fees for orders $100 or more. I’d like to see we love colors do that!

By DanceR on 3/27/2018

Called to ask a question, my call was returned within the day, awesome, got my answer. Why are the colors for the plus size tights not available in other sizes? They are awesome colors and should be shared with everyone!

By Jactra on 3/27/2018

First Time Customer. Hope I Continue to be a Customer. Nice Selection. Sent a correspondence and inquiry via Company’s Email address. Easy to send my inquiry. Awaiting reply.

By BL Wells on 3/27/2018

I wasn’t aware that they didn’t have a physical location to shop but that didn’t stop them from helping me with my needs. This company is very genuine and cares wholeheartedly about their products.

By LaLa on 3/27/2018

Love the selection! I was able to get exactly what I was looking for and the fit and quality are great.

By Online Shopper on 3/27/2018

I found the color of tights I needed so easily. I'm stoked to get them

By Sierra on 3/27/2018

I watched a video of a cosplayer who used your tights for arm and toe socks, and they seemed like EXACTLY what I needed for my cosplay.

By LittleWitchV on 3/26/2018

This is a really good resource for cosplay. I've ordered from here before because its really the only place that offers such a variety. The only problem I had with my purchase is that there was a weird error during checkout when trying to put in billing information. I reported it, so hopefully that doesn't affect my order.

By Mia on 3/26/2018