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I got an email about some details being discontinued from We love colors and decided since I needed to get some other tights for my halloween costume. So I went on the site and even though they were out of stock on my first choice of the discontinued vertical striped white thigh highs I just choose grey and black instead. I also got my usual purple/black and white/black plus tights since I know that We love Colors has the best plus size tights and the best color variety. They last for year if you hand wash them. They are so strong and don't get runners. I just love them,

By mazaria on 9/15/2018

I've heard nothing but good things about this brand and I'm excited to get these tights for my Marceline cosplay!

By Bubbles on 9/15/2018

Love that I can get perfectly fitting, comfortable tights in so many colors!

By misss on 9/15/2018

I love the Color Guide - it's so useful for trying to find the perfect color for my cosplays. Finding what I need is a breeze.

By Livicole on 9/15/2018

Just received my most recent order. Unfortunately, the colours seem very different to the colour chart - I know monitors can vary, but, the green I thought I was getting looks grey. I am also desperate for a truly NUDE tight - both fishnet and opaque. I am a pale red head, so, the light tan, which appears to be the closest to a “flesh” colour is still too dark. This site is one of the only places I can find reasonably priced plus size (14/16) tights, and I do appreciate that. Returning my most recent order, and ordered what I hope is the colour I actually want.

By Lady Aria on 9/15/2018

They have all the hues you could possibly be need for any size.

By Abby on 9/15/2018
Really enjoyed having the options of choosing from 51 different colors.
By Cinie on 9/14/2018
I'm psyched to find tights in my size, and lots of color options. I'm hoping for more in the future.
By Online Shopper on 9/14/2018
This order was simple, it was the prior order that I had issues... I accidentally ordered the wrong color. I tried to print a return label and had trouble. Called the help line and was walked through and helped by a very kind and pleasant young lady!
By Tawanna on 9/14/2018
The rights are always such good quality that I never feel tempted to purchase any from anywhere else! Lots of colors and patterns, and the shipping is super fast. Definitely a company I promote whenever I can. I've been buying tights from welovecolors periodically over several years, and I expect I will for several more.
By Sam on 9/14/2018
These were an incredible and well made stocking! I was scared when I unpacked them as they looked very small, but when I gently stretched them out they fit perfectly!
By Chibiihime on 9/14/2018
For the first time I have gorgeous tights that fit and stay up! Thank you!!
By Michelle on 9/14/2018
I am a dance team coach. I love the variety of styles and colors you have! I wish I'd discovered you years ago!
By Nooch on 9/14/2018
I have many cosplayer friends and they have all had such positive experiences with WeLoveColors, so I just had to buy from them as well! I already know how the quality is, so I'm very excited to receive my purchase and work on my own Halloween costume! Plus the prices were very doable and didn't hurt my bank, I was even able to buy certain pieces on sale which was amazing!
By Lance on 9/14/2018
Loved the variation of colors they offered. Also those cute tie-dyes (it is rare to find footed ones especially for kids). Price was not too high. A bit confused about the different materials - but eventually found a page that explained. I wish it was easier to find those explanations rather than having to jump around the whole site. The information about the different materials was helpful. The website is a bit boring. It feels like a wholesale website of plumbing goods. Does not look fashionable. There are only a few pictures of models wearing the products - the product color page was good and helpful but I like seeing the whole coordination worn by models - like life style photos on fashion magazine. It helps me picture far better how I might wear those tights. The names of those tie dye products are boring. #1706, etc. This also gives the wholesale feel. If they each had a funky name that's more fun - like "Tokyo Sunset". Urban Decay does a good job naming the each eye shadow color. I cannot say weather I would recommend your company yet as I haven't received the products yet. Website can be improved but after all, it's the product that matters the most.
By Skye on 9/14/2018
Amy very patient and helpful - I on the other hand confused and worried I may have ordered TWICE qnd not sure the difference between 70 and 90 denier Con tact through e-mail please for questions about survey
By Felicia (Rob) on 9/14/2018
Selection is amazing. This site is always my go to for color selection.
By Deb on 9/14/2018
My first order was for tights for a cosplay. I loved them so much I came back for more tights for cosplay. I checked the prices compared to other stores and they are right in line or even cheaper. I love the fast shipping and the excellent product quality. You can get anything you need for cosplay and have it arrive so quickly!
By Dolly_doki on 9/14/2018

I am a dance team coach. I love the variety of styles and colors you have! I wish I'd discovered you years ago!

By Nooch on 9/14/2018

For the first time I have gorgeous tights that fit and stay up! Thank you!!

By on 9/14/2018