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We Love Colors has SOOO many colors. The quality of the fabric is really good too and I'm excited to work with the new craft fabric that they offer in the same colors! I do wish they came out with more patterns for their tights but overall they have a really great selection and the check out process is so easy.

By Miru on 3/21/2018

Glad to find exactly what I needed at a good price.

By leem on 3/21/2018

I want a six pack of multiple colors

By Elizadow on 3/16/2018

Size options aren't great. I'm 5'10" and weigh 135 lbs and the largest option is up to 5'9"

By Jacob on 3/14/2018

I love We Love Colors' products! The tights are such lovely colors, and usually, they last about a year without tearing!

By Faerie Cosplay on 3/13/2018

I was surprised by the cost of postage -- lower than i expected -- but the post office is charging WAY too much. I purchased many years ago and have not forgotten the quality of the product.

By Sue on 3/12/2018

It would be really handy if measurements were available for the tights and things, but I know that's not always possible because of the stretch factor. I'm a transgender man so my proportions are really whack and somewhere between "typical male" and "typical female," because I have the fat distribution of a man but the bones of a woman, so to say. Having the height and weight is great and it's what I use when buying sizes, but having some other measurements as a fallback would be good for cross-dressing cosplayers like me.

By Online Shopper on 3/6/2018

I have seen a lot of we love colors products through many cosplayers I follow on Instagram. I like to see that the products are used a lot and look great in photoshoots. I cannot wait to shoot in these products.

By Ciara on 3/5/2018