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I love the tights I bought and I plan on buying a few more and they have a great selection of colors to choose from.

By Online Shopper on 3/28/2018

I was pleased with my experience, there were lots of colors to choose from, and the prices were affordable.

By love on 3/28/2018

I found the color of tights I needed so easily. I'm stoked to get them

By Sierra on 3/27/2018

I love the range of colors because I am matching leotards to dance show dresses. I order from other dance wear stores, and, the main four I use do not charge shipping fees for orders $100 or more. I’d like to see we love colors do that!

By DanceR on 3/27/2018

Called to ask a question, my call was returned within the day, awesome, got my answer. Why are the colors for the plus size tights not available in other sizes? They are awesome colors and should be shared with everyone!

By Jactra on 3/27/2018

First Time Customer. Hope I Continue to be a Customer. Nice Selection. Sent a correspondence and inquiry via Company’s Email address. Easy to send my inquiry. Awaiting reply.

By BL Wells on 3/27/2018

I wasn’t aware that they didn’t have a physical location to shop but that didn’t stop them from helping me with my needs. This company is very genuine and cares wholeheartedly about their products.

By LaLa on 3/27/2018

Love the selection! I was able to get exactly what I was looking for and the fit and quality are great.

By Online Shopper on 3/27/2018

I watched a video of a cosplayer who used your tights for arm and toe socks, and they seemed like EXACTLY what I needed for my cosplay.

By LittleWitchV on 3/26/2018

This is a really good resource for cosplay. I've ordered from here before because its really the only place that offers such a variety. The only problem I had with my purchase is that there was a weird error during checkout when trying to put in billing information. I reported it, so hopefully that doesn't affect my order.

By Mia on 3/26/2018

I love all the color options provided!!!

By Sir on 3/25/2018

I was a little confused when checking out when pay pal would show up.

By Online Shopper on 3/24/2018

Very helpful when it comes to finding unique and fun colors

By Haleigh on 3/24/2018

was a bit frustrating to have to go back to the main category to drill back down to look for another item. For example, clicking on Women, then plus size, then adding an item to the shopping cart, to look for a different plus size item I had to go back to women, then plus size then choose the item type. It would be much mor convenient to have the categories expand on the left side, then just click on plus size again to see the items.

By Online Shopper on 3/24/2018

The website is a little clunky. I wanted several colors of one product and had to keep going back to choose more colors. The tights are great, tho a little scratched than I had hoped.

By Online Shopper on 3/23/2018

Love these tights. Love the options.

By shannon on 3/23/2018

I had been searching for a long time for grey knee hi's. The stores all discontinued carrying them. I'd searched other sites before without luck. Today I was fortunate to find We Love Colors as they had just what I wanted.

By Graylady on 3/23/2018

Excellent products!! Wish the shipping was free.

By Farm boy on 3/22/2018

I wish we love colors had a color card that could be purchased to ensure that the items ordered were correct. Many merchants offer this service, for a fee - believe me, I would be happy to pay for a color swatch card over sending things back and forth!

By Online Shopper on 3/22/2018

I'm so excited to see that there are multiple color options available in plus size. If these go well, I'll be restocking my stocking drawer. Just because you're tall and curved doesn't mean you want to wear black sackcloth all the time. Fun is good!

By Victoria on 3/22/2018
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