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The best parts of my ordering experience were the wide range of colors, and the affordable/fair prices. The only improvements would be if the exact fabric ratios (% of nylon, lycra, spandex, etc) and denier could be listed for every item (these are listed for the women's sizes, but not for the children's items). Also, close-up/zoomed-in pictures of the materials/tights would have been a little helpful in giving me an idea of what the stretch/knit would be like in person. Individual photos for every color would be ideal. Lastly, the phone-in menu doesn't list an option for product inquiries (though it does cover everything else! The call-in options are clear, but it would have been nice to be able to talk to a rep to get more information on the thickness of a couple different options). Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience!

By Gabby on 6/20/2018

The only thing I would add is the material composition of the leotards and unitards. Ie. In a cotton/nylon leotard from say eurotard I wear a 3x but if made from a more stretchy material I can wear an xl. I am incontinent and use these to keep things in place when running and working out etc.

By dfeifer on 5/18/2018

WeLoveColors is THE place to go for Homestuck cosplay, as their "light gray" color perfectly matches Ben Nye's gray theatrical makeup. If you do not want to paint your entire legs and arms gray and spend your time at a con smearing greasy makeup on everything and everyone around you, just buy their tights and matching nylon gloves in light grey, and it will look awesome in photos. I remember back in the old days it was a rite of passage spending hours making "armsocks" out of a pair of your tights, basically wearing them over your head and on your arms and painstakingly sewing it around your fingers to make perfect form-fitting gloves, thank God you guys actually sell gloves now! The newcomers don't know how easy they have it!

By K on 3/31/2018