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It is so easy to pick out what you want , they have so many colors and the size chart pops right up unlike other sites. Shopping here is fast and easy.
By Megan on 12/26/2020
Welovecolors is always my go-to shop for armsocks and colorful bodysuits for cosplay, they are high quality at a reasonable price point!
By Amber on 10/8/2020
I was shopping for a costume and Googled “Lore Olympus Bodysuit” and in the search page We Love Colors had a whole list of their products with their recommendations for the series! I was about to buy on Amazon but the photos on We Love Colors showed they were matte and higher quality which is important to me, so even though I spent double I am confident my purchase will be worth it. I would recommend to anyone doing a costume with artificial skin colors!
By CharityB on 9/24/2020
A little pricey if you’re needing a full set of items, like thigh highs and arm socks together. But there’s no other place that has the variety and none of the items I have purchased have torn or gotten runs. I try to purchase basic colors on amazon but once I can’t find what I like I usually check this site. I used tights, arm socks, and a bodysuit from the company before and they all matched pretty well. I haven’t noticed sales but Instagram doesn’t like to show me their posts a lot of the time. Plus they occasionally have contests for their products if you want to try a chance at getting some discounts. That’s how I normally recommend this company to friends!
By Meeks on 7/30/2020
I loved the fact that they had up to a size XxxL. The color guide made it easy to match with my wig and keep the colors consistently matched between the bodysuit gloves and tights. I will definitely order from them again for future cosplays. Tho the material can be a bit warm so it may be harder for me to wear the outfit for more than an hour or 2.
By CSack on 7/9/2020
I wanted to try something different for my bodysuit material. I purchased the full tricot in Lavender to make a bodysuit for Lore Olympus’ Aphrodite. The material had enough stretch and breath ability for all day wear! I didn’t have any issue with the quality of the fabric and the shipping and fulfillment was prompt as always.
By Mae Dae on 5/16/2020
Pretty much whatever kind of cosplay you’re doing, We Love Colors will have what you need to cover any visible skin without paint. The long seamless gloves cover arms perfectly, and will work with any shirt with mid length sleeves to cover. If you’re having shoulders out, the long sleeved bodysuit allows a good base with some basic wrist/hand coverage to hide the joins. They’re all comfy and light weight and mostly colour consistent between bodysuit and gloves, though sometimes the tights are a shade darker.
By Secret Tiefling on 5/2/2020
I got the bodysuit and tights I need for the costumes I'm working on. I really like how the website interface is really clean and simple. The sizing charts are easy to find and straight forward, every time I've ever gone to We Love Colors it's been simple and perfect.
By Cassidy on 4/27/2020
Some of the categories are arbitrary…dividing by gender when it's the same style and there's no difference in size, or "knee high socks" when plain "socks" ALSO includes knee high length. More specifics on the fabrics would be nice, because two items with the same denier, opacity, composition, and finish aren't necessarily the same fabric, and the reasoning behind the composition for a particular style isn't clear (for example, tank and long-sleeve bodysuits being 100% nylon, but short-sleeve bodysuits have some spandex in them? Why? That all sounds really negative, but for a 1st time purchaser, it's not easy to determine what the difference between some styles are, and why I would choose one or the other.
By Nathan on 4/25/2020
We Love Colors has an amazing array of high quality products with incredible shade ranges. Whether you’re looking for gloves, tights, or bodysuits you can find any color or size you want with ease!
By Christie on 4/19/2020
i’ve never tried it before but i’ve heard the products are great! It’s a little pricey but worth the money considering the alternative. I wish they made bodysuits with snaps on the bottom instead of a zipper, and maybe with connected gloves to avoid wrist seams.
By clove on 3/30/2020
I was able to clearly navigate by color which was nice and there was a guide to match the color of the tights and bodysuit to face paint colors. The color face paint I am using was not on the list, but I was able to get an idea of what the real product will look like.
By Anna Margaret on 3/10/2020
All my closest friends can now finish the sentence when they ask,”where did you get those(tights,leotards,shoelaces,etc.)? Oh, of course, you go to we love colors!” I’ve given out this company name so many times, friends have stopped asking me.
By Lindylou on 3/5/2020
We Love Colors has the most vibrant color selections I have been able to find and is my go-to for cosplay bodysuits. The material is easy to work with for adding details and is light and breathable. This last time I ordered I selected the 22$ shipping option, and it showed I had selected this option when reviewing my order, and upon getting my receipt emailed it said I had chosen the 35$ shipping option. Had I known it would be that much I likely would have waited to place this order and really wish I could have avoided this negative end to an otherwise great experience.
By Meph on 2/29/2020
I was able to get something that will cover my body so I can cosplay a being with non-human skin tone. I was able to find seamless stuff that goes up to my neck so I can hide it with a choker, and gloves that I can remove when needing to use the restroom or take a break to eat. Unfortunately, the restroom will still be difficult because I had to purchase a bodysuit & there were no sleek turtleneck shirt or bralette options.
By Jo on 2/23/2020
It was super easy, and had a lot of colors to pick from. And different types of everything, from socks to gloves and bodysuits. I live by this stuff! Its so durable and the website is easy to use
By Alice Moore on 2/6/2020
Would prefer some more examples of plus size bodies in the bodysuits/leotards rather than drawings. Also more photos of all color swatches. I would also like that if I spend more than a certain amount that I get free shipping for future purchases.
By Nuri on 2/1/2020
They have the absolute best selection of colors, styles, and sizes for tights and bodysuits. I've been buying from them for years, and the products last a LONG time. A bit pricey but totally worth it. Their website is a bit basic, but they're still professsional.
By Sally on 1/18/2020
My first purchase was for my Jester cosplay! I got the seamless Matte gloves and I am in love! They are so stretchy and comfortable! As a plus sized person I was scared they would be really tight but they fit amazing! They have an amazing selection! I’m excited to purchase a bodysuit for another jester cosplay as well as gloves for a Nott the brave cosplay! I love we love colors and they are my go to for tights, gloves, etc for cosplay!
By Sunshine on 1/6/2020
We love colors is my go-to place to find tights, socks, arm socks, and bodysuits for cosplay. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the product lasts a long time. I have bought socks from them for one of my cosplays and it was the exact color and size I ordered and I was happy with my purchase.
By Ty on 12/31/2019