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I purchased tights and long gloves of the same color to make sure they matched. I really think they took my cosplay to the next level, and while I was super warm wearing the gloves, it was very worth it!
By Gretchen on 8/17/2019
I got my first WeLoveColors product to make armsocks for my first ever body paint two years ago. I love the opacity of the material. Now that they have seamless gloves, it’s even easier to wear bodypaint looks without transfer and mess. It’s great for cons, shoots, and just general functionality. I am super excited to continue using WeLoveColors to expand my repertoire colorful characters.
By Rosey on 8/15/2019
Main downside is lack of plus size thigh highs! While, thankful that you show it is possible to turn tights into thigh highs for us bigger folx, it's very disheartening that those are such a huge market product that the convenience is not there for us. On the upside, everything else! Colour choice is amazing, and that fact that you offer the same colours in gloves, tights, etc is pretty great! Sizing charts for leg wear is a little weird. I wish you had max stretch sizing for tights and thigh highs like how you have for the gloves as I personally can never trust sizing charts due to my drastic proportions.
By Siren on 8/14/2019
I went to WeLoveColors for some long gloves and was able to find what I needed within moments. I’m always pleased with their color selection and the addition of new products for their customers.
By Suzu on 8/13/2019
I appreciate that they support the cosplay community and I am happy to try out these new seamless gloves. They are a bit on the pricey side, but I can't wait to see what they look like in photos.
By PinkJusticeCosplay on 8/9/2019
A lot of cosplayers have been recommending this site, and I wish I had known about it earlier! There's a dizzying selection of gloves in so many different colors, and I'm definitely buying back here for my other costumes! My one gripe, however, is that the sample pictures look kind of creepy. I realize they're supposed to be artistic, but there's something kind of... unsettling about floating disembodied hands to me? But that aside, everything was a great experience!
By Luna on 8/5/2019
I really like the front of the website page: it really captures the scope of colors that they have available. I always come here if I need weird colored tights or gloves for my cosplay habit, lol. I also love how they have several plus sizes! Plus, they ship out super fast.
By Mage on 8/5/2019
Really good experience, website is easy to use. They have a lot of colours of choose from. The colour of gloves I got; the online swatch matches the body paint colour I have in person perfectly so I'm looking forward to seeing how closely the online swatch is similar to how the colour is in person. I'm looking forward to getting my purchase in the mail.
By D on 7/31/2019
I'm using these tights and gloves for a cosplay so I don't have to do full body paint. I messed up a pair altering dor gloves (totally my bad), but it's easy to order more. They're actually a LOT more durable than I thought they would be and the shipping is pretty quick.
By TAB_Everything on 7/29/2019
Loved the color of the tights so decided to try the gloves!
By Adri on 7/28/2019
The gloves were a little more expensive then I thought they'd be but they were perfect and it was really easy to purchase.
By Online Shopper on 7/24/2019
First site i've seen or heard of that sells the products i need for finishing my cosplay, premade and takes the hassle out of sewing your own gloves.
By Jessy on 7/23/2019
I enjoy the selection of colors of rights for cosplay. Only wish is that the gloves we're made like microfiber like the tights
By Buddi on 7/23/2019
Would like to see actual pictures of the product, for each color, rather than same picture with the color modified. Seeing how each actually looks on camera helps. Also show the size range for the gloves. I had to buy one of each size in order to know i got the right size, within the time limits that I have
By Fish on 7/22/2019
I wore sky blue gloves for my Cosplay and added some fake nails and I got more compliments on them then most of my outfit!
By Magpiemags37 on 7/22/2019
I was searching amazon looking for the perfection color of tights and it was fruitless. I am so happy I went to google and managed to find this online store. It was perfect and the fact that they sell gloves to match is almost too good to be true. I will definitely buy from them again if I need colored tights and gloves
By Harmonie on 7/20/2019
As soon as I put on one of the gloves the seam popped :/ going to need to fix it myself
By Ria on 7/19/2019
I've bought a lot of costume gloves and tights from We Love Colors over the years - they're well-made and I'm able to get exactly the colors I want (and know that future orders will match what I bought in the past.) They're good-quality, too; you can wash them on the gentle cycle as needed and get plenty of wearings out of them.
By basilica on 7/18/2019
I guess I just like to suffer more then the average person when it comes to cosplay, so I am constantly doing characters that require me to have some crazy skin color like blue, purple, or grey and to save some of my sanity, welovecolors comes in clutch with enough shades of every color and in many different types of product to save me from painting the entirety of my body. Their new seamless gloves are about to be my biggest friend (bc sewing armsocks out of their tights was a pain - I suck at sewing) so the extra $ is worth not having the hassle of DIY. I've always recommended this site to anyone needing tights/gloves/ etc for any reason. You can't beat their selection and pricing.
By Chels on 7/16/2019
I would recommend we love colors because of the wonderful color selection available. I do wish that there were more varieties of tops for costumes but the tights are also affordable and handy to alter for multiple uses. I also appreciate the sizes available though the size description for gloves was a bit confusing.
By Shigatsu on 7/15/2019
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