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As a cosplayer I often dress up as characters with unnatural colors of skin tone, such as pink and blue. The quality of the products sold on here are very high and this site comes highly recommended by many other cosplayers in the community. I will be continuing my business with We Love Colors in the future for other costumes and such.
By kat on 10/17/2019
So I heard about this website called w elbow colors from Ginny D a cosplayer I follow. I go to the website to get stuff for my Hades cosplay and oh my god. The selections were amazing and I love the seamless options for gloves. I adore that they have a meh ton paint match but was a little put off by it not being super clear when selecting colors the matching paint color for it. The selection overall was great! I’ve already recommended this to multiple people I cosplay with
By K on 10/16/2019
This is my first time buying from We Love Colors, but a search for plus-sized tights recommended yours. The site was easy to use and well put together. I appreciated the plus-sized models.
By H on 9/21/2019
I don't have to make arm socks anymore!!! They sell them!!
By devon on 6/7/2019
This is my second purchase on this site! Like last time, I had an easy time finding what I needed! One thing I wished the website would display is prices on the items when looking at a category.
By Lilly on 5/14/2019
This is my first time purchasing from this website! A friend recommended me here for a cosplay purchase! Was able to find what I needed within my price range!
By Lilly on 5/8/2019
I order socks for my baton twirlers performances every year for the past 7 years. I've never had a bad experience. Everything is easy to order and quickly shipped.
By SS on 4/15/2019
I loved shopping with We Love Colors! The shipping was cheap and I loved the color selection! The color guide was extremely helpful and I would definitely order from here again.
By Ty on 4/13/2019
The variety of products is insane! I couldn't believe all the color options as well as the sizes available. The only downside I've seen so far is that when I was looking at thigh highs there was only one size available that probably wouldn't work for me. But that aside this is a great site and I'll more than likely use it again in the future.
By Nicole on 4/5/2019
We Love Colors is super great for cosplayers! They have such a lovely variety of items you can purchase in all sorts of colors (like the name says). I highly recommend them!
By Jess on 3/29/2019
Simple menu, easy to find any item. Some lack of styles.
By flo on 2/3/2019
Great range of products that are very helpful to use in place of body paint for cosplay
By Rachel on 1/15/2019
The website is easy to use and all my questions were answered under the shipping tab. The color guide helped out in deciding which color to perfectly choose to match my cosplay. The price is worth it due to how highly recommended We Love Colors is. Also shipping was perfect amount.
By Desi on 1/15/2019
If you love colored tights, socks, etc. then We Love Colors is the place for you.
By Blake on 9/29/2018
This order was simple, it was the prior order that I had issues... I accidentally ordered the wrong color. I tried to print a return label and had trouble. Called the help line and was walked through and helped by a very kind and pleasant young lady!
By Tawanna on 9/14/2018
twas good
By noah on 9/11/2018
I have always gone to we love colors for my cosplay needs, especially for characters with body paint. It is just ten times easier than using an airbrush and I don’t have to worry about the paint ever rubbing off or staining something.
By Ari on 9/7/2018
I like there is a good selection. I would like to see a few more colors but I got what I needed for now. I will be telling my friend as we have been planning to get the products for a few months.
By Nyte on 4/28/2020
I like there is a good selection. I would like to see a few more colors but I got what I needed for now. I will be telling my friend as we have been planning to get the products for a few months.
By Nyte on 4/28/2020
The price is amazing compared to seller on Etsy as well as having options for plus size or males. And there a range of colors is different shades.
By MicaelaDS174 on 4/16/2020
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