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Would like to see actual pictures of the product, for each color, rather than same picture with the color modified. Seeing how each actually looks on camera helps. Also show the size range for the gloves. I had to buy one of each size in order to know i got the right size, within the time limits that I have
By Fish on 7/22/2019
I wore sky blue gloves for my Cosplay and added some fake nails and I got more compliments on them then most of my outfit!
By Magpiemags37 on 7/22/2019
I was searching amazon looking for the perfection color of tights and it was fruitless. I am so happy I went to google and managed to find this online store. It was perfect and the fact that they sell gloves to match is almost too good to be true. I will definitely buy from them again if I need colored tights and gloves
By Harmonie on 7/20/2019
As soon as I put on one of the gloves the seam popped :/ going to need to fix it myself
By Ria on 7/19/2019
I've bought a lot of costume gloves and tights from We Love Colors over the years - they're well-made and I'm able to get exactly the colors I want (and know that future orders will match what I bought in the past.) They're good-quality, too; you can wash them on the gentle cycle as needed and get plenty of wearings out of them.
By basilica on 7/18/2019
I guess I just like to suffer more then the average person when it comes to cosplay, so I am constantly doing characters that require me to have some crazy skin color like blue, purple, or grey and to save some of my sanity, welovecolors comes in clutch with enough shades of every color and in many different types of product to save me from painting the entirety of my body. Their new seamless gloves are about to be my biggest friend (bc sewing armsocks out of their tights was a pain - I suck at sewing) so the extra $ is worth not having the hassle of DIY. I've always recommended this site to anyone needing tights/gloves/ etc for any reason. You can't beat their selection and pricing.
By Chels on 7/16/2019
I would recommend we love colors because of the wonderful color selection available. I do wish that there were more varieties of tops for costumes but the tights are also affordable and handy to alter for multiple uses. I also appreciate the sizes available though the size description for gloves was a bit confusing.
By Shigatsu on 7/15/2019
We Love Colors is great for cosplayers due to their flexible, breathable material and the variety of colors to choose from. I feel much more respectful at conventions wearing gloves than if I painted my arms using body paint and I’m not left with stained skin. 10/10 will always recommend
By scaredcosplayer2 on 7/11/2019
My cousin first recommended We love Colors to me because she uses the tights for costuming. I LOVED the tights, they were properly thick/opaque and comfy. I ordered the opera length gloves for a new years party this year and I love them just as much.
By Bree on 7/10/2019
They had gloves to use for cosplay so I wouldn't have to spend about the same money and a lot of work to make the same thing out of tights! If they're good quality it'll be such a time saver
By Ria on 7/10/2019
Initially when I was looking into We Love Color, I was going to go with a pair of tights and make them into gloves. But after seeing a friend struggle with fray check and tearing, I was at a lost for what to do. Then BAM! I found We Love Color introduced long matte gloves--that are seamless~ I knew my prayers had been answered. Next thing was trying to pick the right color. Luckily cosplayers on instagram had tagged the exact color and style they used for the same cosplay I'm working on. I used them as a guide as well as the Mehron face paint guide on the website to pick the best option for matching face paint. All around, this was a great experience and I can't wait to get the product to try it on!
By Erin on 7/8/2019
I'm so excited to use these for my cosplay! I've had so many people recommend we love color gloves and tights to me and I decided it was a must have!
By Ash on 7/4/2019
I love the overall selection and color/size range! I wish that the shoulder/opera gloves came in matte colors.
By A.A. on 5/30/2019
I love the huge variety of quality products that We Love Colors provides. As a cosplayer, I was originally planning to modify tights into arm socks as an alternative to body paint (I would recommend WLC for that alone), but then I saw that you released your long seamless gloves! That would save me a lot of time and they look great, but I was concerned about whether or not they would stay up and in place. After asking a few cosplayers on Instagram what they thought of their own long seamless gloves (some were sponsored by you, some purchased them independently), I decided to buy them! All those cosplayers said the gloves stayed up perfectly, so I hope I have the same experience. The one issue I have with WLC is the website design. At least on the pages I navigated to, the design looks very dated, simple to a fault, and lacking in product images. For those reasons, it’s not very approachable or pleasing to look at. Also, I wish when I was selecting different colors on the long seamless gloves that the product photo would change to display the color I was looking at.
By Ace on 5/26/2019
We Love Colors is always easy and fun to shop at. I always order my tights/gloves from them because of the high quality & variety of colors.
By Bunny on 5/25/2019
Very satisfied. Glad your long matte gloves come in wider sizes and are plus sized friendly
By Crystal on 5/23/2019
These gloves are perfect! I cosplay using white airbrush paint and now I won’t have to paint my hands. They are exactly as described. I’ll definitely be buying more items from them.
By Online Shopper on 5/22/2019
Been a long time fan of We Love Colors for cosplay and costume supplies, and I highly recommend them to everyone!
By Momo Kurumi on 5/20/2019
This was my first time ordering with We Love Colors, and I'm very excited to receive the newly developed matte seamless gloves. The fact that their colors match with Mehron Body Paint is a lifesaver and I can't wait to cosplay Shenron from Dragonball Z. It'll be perfect for when I'm walking around as a dragon! Rawr! I only purchased the seamless arm gloves, but definitely checking them out for future cosplay projects for any full body suits. Seriously, the Cosplay Gods have blessed us with We Love Colors, For sure testing out the picture quality of these too once received in different light settings.
By BBDesign Cosplay on 5/14/2019
I was sad when I ordered grey gloves and tights and they didn't match
By Pom on 5/13/2019
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