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I love the overall selection and color/size range! I wish that the shoulder/opera gloves came in matte colors.
By A.A. on 5/30/2019
I love the huge variety of quality products that We Love Colors provides. As a cosplayer, I was originally planning to modify tights into arm socks as an alternative to body paint (I would recommend WLC for that alone), but then I saw that you released your long seamless gloves! That would save me a lot of time and they look great, but I was concerned about whether or not they would stay up and in place. After asking a few cosplayers on Instagram what they thought of their own long seamless gloves (some were sponsored by you, some purchased them independently), I decided to buy them! All those cosplayers said the gloves stayed up perfectly, so I hope I have the same experience. The one issue I have with WLC is the website design. At least on the pages I navigated to, the design looks very dated, simple to a fault, and lacking in product images. For those reasons, it’s not very approachable or pleasing to look at. Also, I wish when I was selecting different colors on the long seamless gloves that the product photo would change to display the color I was looking at.
By Ace on 5/26/2019
We Love Colors is always easy and fun to shop at. I always order my tights/gloves from them because of the high quality & variety of colors.
By Bunny on 5/25/2019
Very satisfied. Glad your long matte gloves come in wider sizes and are plus sized friendly
By Crystal on 5/23/2019
These gloves are perfect! I cosplay using white airbrush paint and now I won’t have to paint my hands. They are exactly as described. I’ll definitely be buying more items from them.
By Online Shopper on 5/22/2019
This was my first time ordering with We Love Colors, and I'm very excited to receive the newly developed matte seamless gloves. The fact that their colors match with Mehron Body Paint is a lifesaver and I can't wait to cosplay Shenron from Dragonball Z. It'll be perfect for when I'm walking around as a dragon! Rawr! I only purchased the seamless arm gloves, but definitely checking them out for future cosplay projects for any full body suits. Seriously, the Cosplay Gods have blessed us with We Love Colors, For sure testing out the picture quality of these too once received in different light settings.
By BBDesign Cosplay on 5/14/2019
I was sad when I ordered grey gloves and tights and they didn't match
By Pom on 5/13/2019
I really loved that I could pick the same color long arm gloves that would basically match the Mehron Paradise paint that I will be using for my cosplay project. I hope to reduce the amount of painting and removing time for my costume. My only hiccup was that I couldn't tell if the gloves automatically came in a pair or not and ordered x2 for the quantity. I just hope that I don't get 4 gloves and ended up paying more than I needed to. But overall I can't wait to see how this product turns out!
By Allie on 5/10/2019
Nice color selection! One of the items said in stock on the page, and then when I put it in my cart it said it wasn't......which is confusing. But, besides that, its been great! Also, there seems to be 2 websites...maybe I accesed an old version on accident. But! The matte gloves are great and I really am excited to get them because I SUCK at sewing armsocks.
By Jazzy on 5/7/2019
I've been buying from WLC for several years now, because they have probably the best quality when it comes to gloves and socks. The prices and shipping are both very reasonable. The only issue I have is the interface of the site; it's not very mobile friendly, and every time I have to pull out my computer to make an order. Still, overall it's very recommendable.
By Atty on 5/7/2019
They had every style option I needed however there were not enough brown tones in the legging and gloves. I was even able to snag an on sale leotard!
By Nerrnerr on 5/6/2019
About a year ago I bought pink tights to make my own arm gloves for Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia. They turned out great and felt super comfy. Now that the gloves are offered it's such a breath of relief not having to sew them myself and try to make them look good. This time I'm ordering Light Grey for Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck and I'm so excited to try them on.
By DoodleDay on 5/4/2019
This is the #1 place I go if I ever need tights, or to make gloves, or anything else for a costume. One of the few places I can rely on, and they always has quality products in a bunch of colors! Highly recommend, and if anyone asks, this is the place I send them to.
By Pluvicorn on 4/24/2019
I loved the nylon leggings i bought! And i didn't reallt like the gloves i got but im sure that i just need to stretch them out a bit so they arent as heavy on my skin or tight on my arms
By Online Shopper on 4/20/2019
The color selection is absolutely fabulous and made it really easy for me to find the right color gloves for my cosplay. Also, the fact We Love Colors sells gloves and I don't have to try to sew gloves out of tights is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is attempting to put together a cosplay that requires body paint.
By Lysander on 4/18/2019
We Love Color recently added long matte gloves which are amazing and have such a wide color variety. So excited to get my pair.
By Skittles on 4/18/2019
I'd like to see more pictures of the products on the models from a distance so we can see what the whole product looks like. Especially the gloves.
By Online Shopper on 4/15/2019
So, I've been searching all over the internet to find some tights for this cosplay I'm doing. I was having a hard time finding ombre tights in like a lavender/lilac colors, let alone any solid colors like those. WeLoveColors popped into my searches, and at first I wasn't sure if they were even a legit site. But then I saw a blogger write about how she loves their plus size choices, so I figured why not. What shocked me more was they also do gloves, which makes my life 100x easier. I'm a little nervous about having to cut the tips off the gloves for my character's costume, but hopefully it works out. Anyways, I'm glad I found this website because it's the only place I found that has a nice variety of tights and colors. I think this would be a great site for other cosplayers, too, if they didn't know about this. My only slight complaint is that I wish the website is 1) Mobile friendly (or more mobile friendly) 2) The website has images of all the products with each color so I can make my decision better, with the option to enlarge the photos and 3) The overall optimization of the website. I do graphic and web design, too, and I think their website could have a better look over all to make it more appealing to new customers, as well as improving their navigation on their site. I had trouble going back to "Home" or "Product Section" from the color guide page. That page looks like it's a standalone site, and that shouldn't be the case, if that makes sense. Maybe they look at Arda Wigs website for a better idea of what I'm getting at. But I digress. I want We Love Colors to succeed and I hope more cosplayers look into getting their tights there.
By Fluffy on 4/13/2019
I'm so excited to try out the arm socks (long matte gloves) and hopefully now have a much easier time with painted bodies! Though I do wish there was faster restock on sizes and colors I've seen be sold out since day 1 of the gloves
By Meg on 4/8/2019
We do a lot of cosplay as a family and so it was great to find a reputable source for color tights and long gloves!
By Online Shopper on 4/6/2019
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