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great prices a large selection of colors nice fit.
By Smart shopper on 7/3/2020
Nice colors
By Jessy on 7/3/2020
Everything was easily organized, so when I told my toddler I would get her some tights, it was super easy to show her all of her options.
By Rix on 7/3/2020
Everything was laid out well and easy to find. The material looks comfortable and nice! Pretty low prices too. Can't wait!
By Bri Bri on 7/2/2020
Enjoyable and easy shopping with a wide selection to choose from with a variety of sizes
By PK on 7/2/2020
By OMG on 7/2/2020
I have ordered from WLC over a number of years now. Their service is excellent, their product line extensive and growing. I love their selection of colors, and the product quality is better then 90% of internet or store availability.
By BHaze on 7/1/2020
I purchased from a seller on etsy who used your product to make arm socks. They where perfectly pigmented and opaque for what I was trying to do.
By Ande on 7/1/2020
I recommend We love colors. The prices are great! And not to mention Plus size! It’s really a great shopping experience knowing your size is available and so many options in colors and designs. Absolutely phenomenal.
By Special Jenkins on 6/29/2020
I would recommend We Love Colors .I love it
By Crazy Tights Lover on 6/29/2020
Used by reputable cosplayers first experience easy to order love the opaqueness of the fabric
By Moon on 6/29/2020
The color and material variety is phenomenal! The size variations are also quite impressive! I do wish they had more variety in patterns and designs, and I wish the offered stripes in mens. But overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!
By Matty on 6/28/2020
i really like this online store, they sell tights and leggings and stuff, to be honest its really hard to find cool tights that come on a variety of colors, but they sell them! and the quality seems pretty good, i mean its a little expensive, but probably worth it.
By ai on 6/28/2020
Wonderful experience and great product. Get frequent compliments and promote WLC
By Becky on 6/27/2020
I was able to find tights for my daughter's cosplay, as well as matching fabric to complete the details. Which is amazing, because matching fabrics to anything is hard enough on it's own.
By Damselfly on 6/27/2020
They are good for an elastic shortage for masks. Just don't expect them to show up on time. My last order was almost a week late and I'm behind on mask orders waiting for them. They have a good color selection of tights too, but give yourself a deadline of when they will arrive.
By Lipstickkitten on 6/27/2020
Love the color selection
By kim on 6/25/2020
Great quality leotards at a great price
By Eddie on 6/25/2020
So disappointed with how they're handling customers calling them out on not saying black lives matter. Blocking people and deleting comments is childish. I will not be shopping here again. I have even posted screenshots of your comments on my instagram, and even some of them have pledged not to shop here. White silence is violence.
By Online Shopper on 6/25/2020
I wish there were more pattern option available; things like stripes both vertical and horizontal would be nice. as I am a drag performer I am always looking for the extreme in things and the more color options I have the better.
By Syn Thetic on 6/25/2020