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These are the best tights I have ever owned. They last years. I tried to buy from three other manufacturers because yours are so expensive, but nothing compares to the best.
By K on 6/9/2021
Repeat customer because have had no problems
By nelsont on 6/8/2021
I wish the product listings, specifically the sky high and knee-high socks had actual number measurements listed for the length as well as the circumference of the leg. Hoping I got the right size (one size vs plus size).
By Jennifer on 6/8/2021
I heard about this brand through Amy Smilovic (founder: Tibi). She tagged the brand in an outfit photo and it was easy to search through the site and find the same leotard.
By Lini on 6/7/2021
I have always been pleased with ordering from We Love Colors. It is a tad pricey, but the products are unique because of the color offerings. And they are reputable, they ship the product in a timely fashion which is important in my line of work.
By Miss EB on 6/7/2021
OMG, I absolutely LOVE this company and everything I have ever gotten from them. We Love Colors is AMAZING!!! I've ordered from them multiple times and their tights are always very high quality and they fit me perfectly. I'm very tall and they have tights to fit me. I'm VERY impressed. And the prices are very competitive. Their products are less expensive and higher quality than some other companies' are.
By HazelG on 6/7/2021
Very easy to shop the website, great selection of colors, very good selection of sizes
By Thirzah on 6/7/2021
I like the variety of colors and the tights are very comfortable. The have great stretch and the microfiber keeps my legs from getting cold during the fall/winter months.
By Butrcup on 6/7/2021
I really love the amount of options color-wise that they have. I personally bought from them for some cosplay gloves and it's super helpful that there are so many different shades to choose from so that I can be as color accurate as possible. It was also pretty dang affordable.
By Ireland on 6/6/2021
There's a lot of options, both for style and colors, that are so helpful for cosplay. Plus the quality is top notch!
By Janelle on 6/6/2021
The price of the shoulder length gloves was shocking on how much the price has risen. I’ve bought them in the past and thought they were more reasonably priced
By Doctor Strange on 6/5/2021
It's very late and I'm sleepy...otherwise I would have shopped for a longer period of time.
By Mitzi on 6/5/2021
I was really hesitant to purchase from We Love Colors, especially as a plus size individual. I didn't see clear images of plus size individuals using their gloves/socks on their social media. Initially, the mobile website was difficult to navigate but I found potential colors to use for cosplays. I ordered the short gloves and socks in light grey and light pink. The items were shipped and delivered in a short period of time. I ended up returning the pink items due to the color. One of the best parts of the process was the customer service. The representative answered all my questions, helped with the return, and kept me updated on my exchange. We Love Colors was even kind enough to change the shipping address for the exchange in order for me to receive them in the location of my con. While I'm still not 100% on the sizing and matching to mehron paint, I would easily order again because of the shipping and customer service.
By Koko on 6/4/2021
The colors look amazing on the website and I can't wait to see how they look in real life
By Joey on 6/4/2021
My friend recommended we love color for arm socks, so I've been buying here to make them, plus I use left over material for my cos-tail
By Lunna on 6/4/2021
I am building a Lore Olympus cosplay, and needed tights to look like the character! Persephone’s skin is pink, so I chose the light pink tights on the website, since they mentioned that it’s a good match in one of their cosplay posts. I can’t wait!
By Ashley on 6/2/2021
I love the site they have every color you could possibly think of in every style you could think of its perfect
By Medusa on 6/2/2021
Great range of colours - the flat colour guide doesn't quite match the appearance of the items on the models and half the things I wanted were out of stock in most colours in my size (including the one I wanted) but they had enough options that after some digging I could find something close enough! The colour should be perfect for what I want, and you don't get this range out of premade bodysuits anywhere else, let alone anywhere with a paint matching guide. That said, there's no postage time estimates on the site, and the postage pricing estimates are pretty outdated, so I'd recommend a group order.
By Morgan on 6/2/2021
When I first found this shop I was thrilled because of the different color of accessories, etc. The quality of the fishnets I bought are outstanding and at a reasonable price! Customer service is excellent and helpful. I would and already have recommended We Love Colors to some friends.
By Erika V. on 6/1/2021
The shopping experience was easy. Nice variety of colors and sizes.
By MG on 5/31/2021