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Quality material, bold vibrant colors. I've been wearing them for the past few years (purchased on Amazon) and receive many compliments

By Sourgrapes on 4/30/2018

I was so thankful when I first found this website! The color selection and size range is awesome. My last order seemed quality so I just ordered some more. Unfortunately I lost my whole last order in a fire before I even got a chance to wear any of them. So sad.

By Gisele4325 on 5/11/2018

We Love Colors had the best color selection. I hope the actual colors are what I expect. I would have liked to see all the colors actually portrayed in tights.

By Online Shopper on 5/26/2018

I had purchased gray tights from We Love Colors through Amazon and I was delighted that they actually matched my dress, so I decided to go to We Love Colors website directly to order lime green tights to match this fabulous dress I got for the film festival. I USUALLY DREAD going on line to order something specific because everything else under the sun pops up in the search, but this was the easiest on line shopping experience I've ever had. I found the website easily, and the product I was looking for came up in the search. I clicked on a few item descriptions and had no trouble getting back to the original search page. The checkout was a breeze as well. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone looking for plus size hosiery. The product is of the highest quality and run resistant and the sizes are true. They don't run big or small. They are exactly what they say they are. I love We Love Colors, and the ease of using the website can't be beat.

By happyperson01 on 5/26/2018

The different options of tights were a little confusing at first, as I only wanted plain tights, but the color selection was great, and I liked how they had previews of how each color of tights would look.

By Tess on 5/26/2018

I've purchased from WLC a couple times now and the shipping/delivery have always been fast and efficient. Unfortunately the colors are never even close to the selections I make. I understand that screen to product differences are to be expected but this is extreme. I've ordered 3 different color purple tights in the last few months hoping to find a shade that works for me and every pair has been drastically off from the swatch to the point that none of them are even useable for the outfit I needed to wear them with. The quality of the tights is fantastic but the color selection needs to be adjusted.

By Online Shopper on 5/25/2018

Very pleased with my purchases so far. Great range of colors and products available and quality as expected.

By Fae on 5/14/2018

We love colors is an awesome website that allows for anyone to find the right sizes in a a multitude of colors. It's hard to find tights in my size, especially when they anything but black. This place has every color I could want to match the outfits I want to wear with them. They rock!

By Nadya on 5/24/2018

Love the products which are difficult to find in Australia generally and Tasmamia in particular. However, shipping is expensive and definitely a deterrant factor.

By Online Shopper on 5/1/2018

I have heard from many people that WeLoveColors had many options and were a go-to for cosplay needs. I love how the products were organized so I could find what I wanted quickly and did not have to search through hundreds of options before I found what I wanted!

By Claire on 5/23/2018

I wish that the shipping times were more specific. I couldn’t get an estimate on when my package would arrive.

By LilasaurusRex on 5/7/2018

I look forward to receiving my purchase and checking out the quality of the tights.

By Bri on 5/23/2018

I'm so glad I found We Love Colors Plus Sized Mens Tights. It's so hard to find tights that fit bigger guys let alone ones that come in fun colors. I've bought 4 pairs now and I love them. They fit great and are really comfortable.

By Dugan on 5/22/2018

Great product

By Online Shopper on 5/21/2018

I'm in love with the selection of colors. My whole family are cosplayers and I do costuming for a local theater. I order things regularly.

By Mara on 5/5/2018

Lots of colors that are very helpful for cosplay.

By Katt1848 on 5/20/2018

The only thing I would add is the material composition of the leotards and unitards. Ie. In a cotton/nylon leotard from say eurotard I wear a 3x but if made from a more stretchy material I can wear an xl. I am incontinent and use these to keep things in place when running and working out etc.

By dfeifer on 5/18/2018

I love this product and these tights very useful especially when cosplaying! I would recommend to anyone looking for tights.

By Casey on 5/17/2018

Nice company but prices are kinda high and not many pictures of products.

By Gen on 5/17/2018

Your selection of colors is awesome!

By Brandy U. on 5/17/2018