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I was looking for armsocks for my first ever cosplay and found this website that had the perfect color I needed as well as a video tutorial on how to use tights to create armsocks, it was great, and they werent unreasonably priced even with shipping. Pretty great!
By Nessassin on 4/15/2020
I really like the tights I've gotten from WLC before, and I was so glad that I remembered to check here rather than just other online sites. It was a little frustrating that some of the colors were out of stock, but being able to mix and match between the socks and tights was a good balance.
By AJ on 4/11/2020
The seamless gloves are a must for any unnaturally coloured cosplay, they’re gorgeous and don’t rip like other long gloves and arm socks. The only question is choosing colours, because the same name sometimes turns out differently on different objects.
By Secret Tiefling on 4/4/2020
We Love Colors redesigned their website since the last time I ordered tights (about a year ago) and it's a big upgrade: all the information about sizes, fiber content, fit, and color is even clearer than before, so it was easy for me to find the style of tights I wanted. I really like the feature that shows if a given size & color combination is ready to ship. It's important to me to continue to support this business during the COVID19 epidemic, so I actually ordered two extra pairs of tights in colors I like but haven't ordered before as tights. (I've ordered them previously as socks & really liked them in that format.)
By Dame Sophie on 3/25/2020
Stop making armsocks and buy the seamless gloves, home made always split at the seams and then you gotta photoshop. They fit and the colours match and please y’all be safe during the pandemic.
By Secret Tiefling on 3/22/2020
I love the quality and color options for armsocks provided by we love colors
By Noel on 3/11/2020
I love the color for the arm socks and stockings. But the arm socks are a bit tight when they reach the upper arm. I wish they were a bit bigger but there was not another size.
By Moe on 3/7/2020
I’ve heard great things from this company and I’m excited to get my first product. I’m hoping it’s everything I could want. It’ll be nice to be able to buy another pre-made product like arm socks at a reasonable price again.
By Cameron on 3/3/2020
I have been so excited to order more products. The tights I used as arm socks work so well and they're so comfortable. I want a collection of all the tights in all the colors.
By BananaCakeCosplay on 2/25/2020
I love We Love Colors tights for cosplay and in general! I have a pair of tights that I wear on a regular basis and tights I have turned into arm socks.
By Online Shopper on 2/20/2020
The best part about my past orders from WLC is that the gloves are actually sized properly! I have big hands, and I struggle to find gloves that fit me at all. I also appreciate that they've truly embraced the cosplay community. I was so excited when they revealed the long armsocks-- it's such a helpful thing for so many people.
By Blue Caboose Cosplay on 2/18/2020
I really like the We Love Colors website because I DO love colors. And it is actually hard to find cool colors in things like socks and knee-highs. I ordered the knee highs before and are very happy with the colors and the quality of the socks. Also, the prices are reasonable.
By RSE on 2/17/2020
I've ordered tights and armsocks from We Love Colors and cannot recommend them enough! The tights are comfortable and the colors are super sharp. The armsocks are a LIFESAVER for cosplays with bodypaint!
By Charlie on 2/14/2020
Ive only heard good things from friends who have purchased from welovecolors, so I'm excited to get my own first pair of armsocks for cosplay.
By Escape cosplay on 2/10/2020
I would definitely recommend We Love Colors. As a cosplayer it is really awesome to see so many colors in the selections! Would definitely recommend other cosplay friends looking for arm socks or tights.
By Moe on 2/9/2020
Love the company and the quality of product. neon pink ankle socks were a bit too crazy neon pink. It wasn't that obvious on the site. However...why not? I'm keeping them. But I do think colours should be better presented.
By Online Shopper on 2/7/2020
I really enjoy the color selection for all the products. I wish that we love colors produces arm socks for you, but I am very thankful that they include a tutorial.
By Maggie on 2/6/2020
It was super easy, and had a lot of colors to pick from. And different types of everything, from socks to gloves and bodysuits. I live by this stuff! Its so durable and the website is easy to use
By Alice Moore on 2/6/2020
Welovecolors has high quality socks, gloves, tights, and other items in a large variety of colors! They're great for cosplay or adding color to your everyday outfit. A lot of the colors and styles are really diverse and size inclusive. They have products for women, dancewear, men, and kids!
By Emily on 1/31/2020
The arm socks❤️😭
By Rin on 1/30/2020
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