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Literally the only store i could find that has armsocks in this color, good lord.
By Arsene on 3/1/2019
I was able to purchase the right kind of knee highs I need for a costume. There were a lot of colors to chose from and the socks are inexpensive, but I know they’re good quality and last a really long time. I still have some from 4 years ago. Because the service is so nice, I was also looking at items I could purchase for future outfits! I would recommend the website for all of these reasons.
By Kyuu on 2/19/2019
If you are looking for beautiful colors and great service, We Love Colors is a great place with lots of different things for you. I use them to make my arms socks and the colors are all something I want to have.
By Kei on 2/12/2019
Need plus size tights that fit properly and knee high sock options in fishnet. We love colors is the only website that offers good plus size color option in tights at a very good price. Also offers great colors in knee high socks!
By Ms. Mia on 2/9/2019
Dude, Ive alway loved We Love Colors and had to google the old homestuck armsocks bc i wanted knee highs and knew there was no other place i wanted them from.
By Marissa on 2/8/2019
Ordered a long sleeve leotard for a cosplay. It's the perfect size but always rides up, giving me mojor wedgies despite having a really short torso. Otherwise it's really perfect. I love all the products I've bought and the color variety is just amazing. I only wish you guys had more products; good soft leggings, more glove options, socks, some of the things you guys aren't making anymore I would love to keep buying.
By Shinju on 2/7/2019
I’d recommend We Love Colors due to their mass-popularity in the cosplay community. Just from that alone you know their products are good. However, I’m only a little worried the colors I chose won’t match my facepaint too well. And in terms of another cosplay I’ll eventually need tights and armsocks for, there doesn’t seem to be a color that’ll match it. However I understand that everything is hand-dyed and the need for every color under the rainbow isn’t possible. I’m very excited to use what I’ve purchased and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
By Briar on 2/3/2019
I was looking for tights that fit a larger frame, and I found a place that has everything! Dance, casual, heavyweight for winter, socks and tie dye for my daughter, you name it! Actual wonderful and cute, to elegant and adult. I will never buy tights or stockings anywhere else.
By Minnesota Cold on 2/1/2019
What I really want is men’s ankle sports socks Hi tech wicking. Colorful neon. The more the merrier (EACH SOCK, THE PRIMARY COLOR IS THE ONLY COLOR HEEL TO TOE)
By Ronnie on 1/28/2019
So many colors. I needed new socks to match my facepaint and these should be great
By Chidori on 1/15/2019
The price is a bit high, but I’ve seen your products before and I actually am getting some arms socks comissioned and I wanted the sky blue color to match!
By Kireiqueen on 12/19/2018
We Love Colors has never disappointed me with color or sizing. I've bought multiple things from them and every time I've been content with my purchase, I expect nothing less from my most recent. They work perfectly for tights AND arm socks.
By Charlie on 12/18/2018
I love cosplaying characters with unnatural skin tones. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, I can always find something pretty close to what I need, and the solid color tights make perfect armsocks!
By Baylie on 12/12/2018
I already own a pair of tights and a pair of socks from this brand, and I love them! Unfortunately, I wore my tights at the wrong time and they now have mud stains that will not come out. I decided to purchase a new pair to replace them and another pair in a different color to match a new dress. I love their products, and I love the page dedicated to all of the colors they offer. I wish that their website functioned a little better (I try every time to log in to my account, and it logs me successfully, but it doesn't reflect that once I go back to shopping), but I don't mind it too much, since it doesn't hinder me from making a purchase.
By everstar on 12/8/2018
I like colors and a variety of options in socks and the tights. Tights are handy in cooler weather for warmth under trousers without having to acquire various weight pants and colored tights make wearing socks over tights optional. They give a clean sophisticated look which compliments my shoes and outfits. I like to match some color in my shirts or layerings with my socks/leg wear. The amount of spandex will provide light support and shape retention to the garments.
By Online Shopper on 11/28/2018
We love colors seems like an honest business that is enthusiastic about their product and how much their customers like their socks and things. I saw a plus sized model show a bodysuit and was intrigued and bought one for myself. Still awaiting it but excited. Will recommend to a friend.
By Marisa on 11/26/2018
We Love Colors has a great range of colors and products, you're sure to find the perfect thing you're looking for. I love their tights for cosplay- they're a perfect base for armsocks because they're opaque, easy to sew, and available in tons of different colors! The website is sometimes a bit confusing to navigate, so be sure you know exactly what you're getting and definitely use the color guide. They do a great job prepping orders quickly and shipping them to you fast!
I am looking for tights to match a character with unnatural skin color. Unfortunately We Love Colors does not offer color samples and the whole color ring was too expensive for me. But luckily the socks are very affordable and a good way to look at the colors in person and also have something useable!
By Dani on 11/16/2018
The price isn't Walmart level, and shipping to Canada is $10, but there's sooooo many colours and styles. My friend's arm socks looked awesome and stuck through 2 conventions and counting.
By Stacey May on 11/2/2018
I've heard great things about the site's products, and when I found myself in the market for a pair of tights to make armsocks from, they were my first choice. They did not carry the exact color I needed, but a color close enough that a quick dip in some dye will make it the correct color. Based on seeing what friends have used their products for, I can say that they are soft and they're sturdy. I'll be coming back when I need other colors :) The company has a great selection of products, and charges very fair shipping prices with numerous available shipping and payment options.
By Online Shopper on 10/26/2018
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