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I first found out about you guys two years ago looking for tights to wear for my blue pearl costume, now every time i have to paint myself i make sure to buy from you guys! They are really comfortable tights and the arm socks allow you to not paint your arms or legs which is usually a hassle for me. I recommend buying from them 100%
By Bry on 6/17/2020
When it comes to cosplaying a character with skin color outside the human range, arm socks come in incredibly handy, so as not to spread body paint onto whatever you may touch, and they can often be rather pricy. Not only does We Love Colors have the most range of colors I’ve seen from a distributor, but are also the most cost effective in my opinion.
By introvertedknightcosplay on 6/15/2020
We love colors has great color options and awesome run-free tights, socks, and leotards that are great for cosplay/cosplay armsocks! Unfortunately they have discontinued some of their useful products such as their leggings but they’re a great find!
By Linda on 6/11/2020
I love this site to buy my nylon socks! The socks are so beautiful! The nylon luxurious!
By Nylon Bobby sock Girl on 6/4/2020
The website is well designed and easy to navigate. They have a great selection of socks and tights.
By Online Shopper on 5/27/2020
The color selection is out of this world! I dress very 60s-70s inspired and try to keep my outfits as "authentic" looking as possible by using vintage items, but vintage hosiery not so much. The quality of your tights is outstanding, by far beats equally priced or slightly higher priced counterparts I've purchased in the past. I did purchase a couple color opaque tights a few years back and after a few months they lost elasticity, the ones in my last purchase from a month ago are incredible, there is a clear change in quality, I was really blown away. I actually repurchased some of those old colors I had so I can have them in the new higher quality. The new ones almost feel plush but still breathable and light which I didn't even think was possible! I love the color chart online, it makes ordering super easy, as some of the product shots for certain colors in styles are missing. Super quick and easy checkout, no hidden fees at the end, and the shipping calculator before actually checking out is super helpful! I would have loved to hit a "free shipping" mark with orders $200+ or something like that, I probably would've purchased more even though I already hit that mark with my current order. I was bummed to pay $19 for shipping but I totally understand. Super quick shipping which is incredible especially during these times that everyone is so restless to get their online purchases, I'm sure everyone is appreciative to get their items so quickly! Not sure how feasible this is but maybe offering a short 5-6 second clip of the item in movement could be great since a lot of the stuff is super formfitting, like the leotards, tights, etc. to show how stretchy they are, like bending a knee, etc, to show that it doesn't scrunch or fold. Another option is to include direct photos from Instagram of clients wearing the items with the item title + color in the Reviews section. I added several more colors to my order of the Sports Socks after seeing some customer photos on your Instagram, it very much influenced me! I really have nothing bad to say, I love We Love Colors! Always super happy with my purchases and wonderful customer service :-) I apologize if this is all over the place, I am just writing everything that comes to mind.
By LB on 5/21/2020
I was looking for plus size hot pink thigh high socks. I was led to We Love Colors. I saw they had plus size stay up socks in tons of colors so I selected neon pink. However, the only stay up socks available were in grey and light grey. I was disappointed but happy to find that there were options for neon pink tights and glittery fishnets. The ordering was simple and intuitive. If I like the products I receive I will be ordering from here again.
By Chunkyblackdaria on 5/14/2020
I was looking for a pair of arm socks for a cosplay I'm improving. The gloves were relatively easy to find, and the pictures are clear, but sizing isn't super obvious, so picking the size I need was a little bit of a guessing game. Hopefully it fits when it arrives.
By Chris on 5/13/2020
The selection of colors is amazing! Y’all really do love colors. I will return to purchase some wear for fire dancing in the future. Especially love the sheer socks and that y’all offer fishnets in every style, socks, knee high etc. Glad I found this site.
By DeeDee on 5/12/2020
I got my first arm socks, along with a pair for a friend a few months ago for A convention. We went as Nott and Jester and met the cast members and I’ve never been happier and prouder of our cosplays. Returning now I am disappointed that one of the colors (lavender) I need is unavailable but I understand it’s a popular color and times are hard right now so I’ll just keep hope it returns soon.
By Blue on 5/10/2020
I was interested in getting some nylon solid socks but every time I clicked the image it would load a different pair with no options to get to the area to put them in the cart or select a different color. It would just randomly show another image with each click.
By Kat on 5/7/2020
With this being my first body paint cosplay, I was worried that it would be super complicated to figure out how to get arm socks. We Love Colors has a great variety of resources that helped me figure it out and figure out what the best way to do it would be in order to suit my needs. The only complaint I have is that I wish that the length of the gloves was more clear with measurements and the difference between the men's and women's matte gloves was made obvious.
By Caitlin on 5/7/2020
Some of the categories are arbitrary…dividing by gender when it's the same style and there's no difference in size, or "knee high socks" when plain "socks" ALSO includes knee high length. More specifics on the fabrics would be nice, because two items with the same denier, opacity, composition, and finish aren't necessarily the same fabric, and the reasoning behind the composition for a particular style isn't clear (for example, tank and long-sleeve bodysuits being 100% nylon, but short-sleeve bodysuits have some spandex in them? Why? That all sounds really negative, but for a 1st time purchaser, it's not easy to determine what the difference between some styles are, and why I would choose one or the other.
By Nathan on 4/25/2020
Socks hosiery snd fishnets as far as the eye can see in every color. Its magical.
By Toni on 4/23/2020
I used to paint my whole body for cosplay. But I had a friend who needed to cosplay Maleficent for a convention, but didn’t want to deal with body paint other than his face. So I started getting arm socks aka: long gloves, here. They’re great! They let a bit of skin colour poke through which makes them look really natural, and they airbrush well for highlights and tattoos!!!
By Nic on 4/17/2020
I was looking for armsocks for my first ever cosplay and found this website that had the perfect color I needed as well as a video tutorial on how to use tights to create armsocks, it was great, and they werent unreasonably priced even with shipping. Pretty great!
By Nessassin on 4/15/2020
I really like the tights I've gotten from WLC before, and I was so glad that I remembered to check here rather than just other online sites. It was a little frustrating that some of the colors were out of stock, but being able to mix and match between the socks and tights was a good balance.
By AJ on 4/11/2020
The seamless gloves are a must for any unnaturally coloured cosplay, they’re gorgeous and don’t rip like other long gloves and arm socks. The only question is choosing colours, because the same name sometimes turns out differently on different objects.
By Secret Tiefling on 4/4/2020
We Love Colors redesigned their website since the last time I ordered tights (about a year ago) and it's a big upgrade: all the information about sizes, fiber content, fit, and color is even clearer than before, so it was easy for me to find the style of tights I wanted. I really like the feature that shows if a given size & color combination is ready to ship. It's important to me to continue to support this business during the COVID19 epidemic, so I actually ordered two extra pairs of tights in colors I like but haven't ordered before as tights. (I've ordered them previously as socks & really liked them in that format.)
By Dame Sophie on 3/25/2020
Stop making armsocks and buy the seamless gloves, home made always split at the seams and then you gotta photoshop. They fit and the colours match and please y’all be safe during the pandemic.
By Secret Tiefling on 3/22/2020
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