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I need a purplish blue often called periwinkle blue. It is not available so I used purple Rit fabric dye to add more color to medium blue fishnets. It worked!
By Jojo on 3/30/2019
I am in a female march/dance group called the pussyfooters and we wear fishnets and tights. The group has 125 women in it and we order a lot of our fishnets from Welovecolor because you can get almost any color needed and also plus sizes.
By Becky on 3/13/2019
We do cosplay and I have been searching all over for green fishnets in childrens sizes. Thank you for having so many choices
By alycat2386 on 3/6/2019
As a plus sized drag queen it’s so hard to find good tights that willl FIT. So I’ve never tried these tights but I own multiple pairs of the fishnets and LOVE THEM. So I want to try these out.
By Felina on 3/4/2019
fishnets and tights go good with leotards
By Online Shopper on 2/27/2019
Huge variety - I purchase fishnets from you guys regularly for costuming and it's always super fast shipping, an easy process, and they always have exactly what you need. High quality, well priced, super easy, and you'll find what you want in 2 seconds.
By Mike on 2/12/2019
great selection. I want to see more description of the gusset in all tights and fishnets. That is important. A photo or description would help. Also, I input a coupon code, but cannot tell if it took the 20% discount or not.
By mere on 2/11/2019
Love your products Would like to see plus size fishnets thigh high laace Top
By Patti on 2/4/2019
I have used your site for several years. Your fishnets are super comfortable and wear well. My only negative is that you would add photos of the fishnets on a model in all colors. I ordered the sparkle fishnets and the only picture I could see was of the black.
By Online Shopper on 1/6/2019
Every possible color of tights and fishnets. I have a bunch of pairs already and I’ll never buy fishnets from anyone but here again. I do wish there was a more natural skin tone color but I’m trying the ivory this time so hopefully that will be it.
By Ananda on 12/30/2018
I have one other pair of fishnets from we love colors and they're my favorite pair of fishnets I've ever purchased, so I decided I need to start amassing a larger collection. The only thing I wish is that the website would have actual pictures of each of the colors.
By Deb on 12/16/2018
This is my 5 or 6th experience buying from we love colors. I often get tights or fishnets from here for Mardi Gras costumes. I love that they carry plus sizes! I definitely recommend them as they are always quick with sipping and provide a quality product. I do think the website could use a little update but it’s really not a bother to use.
By Online Shopper on 12/8/2018
On your one size all products please put a weight that it go up to. I bought regular thighs in a m/l and they fit fine, I brought a pair of red fishnets an because the one size fits all didn’t have a weight limit, I bought a 1x which looks too big, I will give them away.
By Ernie on 11/18/2018
One pair of fishnets I wanted came in one size fits all, I want to know up to what height and weight they fit. I loved they had so many colors, if the ones I ordered fit I will be ordering more.
By Ernie on 11/10/2018
I get my tights from we love colour, they are a great plus size tight, usually the ones I buy in plus size store are a bad fit and the crutch ends up down by my knees but we love colour tights stay up, are nice and long, coz I am tall as well as plus size. they wash up well and have lots of bright colours, although I usually buy black. I would like it if they did fishnets in EE size too. Great choice for plus size!
By loopylou on 11/8/2018
This isn't the easiest website to navigate, but all of the color options and sizes are awesome. I wish the sizing on the fishnets (plus size) was as generous as the other tights. If so, I would have ordered some. I am excited to get my order!
By Anon from Texas on 10/25/2018
I had two issues: The fishnets I got we WAY smaller then the size estimate. And also not being able to get the body suit I wanted wasn't available even though it said it was on the website. Being able to call someone and have them help me though was great and they rocked!
By Aurora on 10/24/2018
I love that you have fishnets for plus size girls they don’t dig into my skin they fit me perfectly and I recommend them to all of my customers I own a salon
By Jen on 10/16/2018
This is the second time I've ordered from We Love Colors and just like the first time, the process is so easy and quick. My last order arrived swiftly, and I hope this one does as well. I'm really excited to get these fishnets for Halloween!
By nic-noc on 10/9/2018
I love the colors and sizes available. I am hot natured but need to cover my legs for work so the fishnets are my best friends. I wish the fishnets came in footless because my feet are tender and I feel them in my shoes...a lot. People see the colors and ask me about them all the time and I let tell everyone about you. the web sit is easy to remember WE LOVE COLORS.
By cHRISHAYNGA on 10/7/2018
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