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So I needed Neon Green fabric to match the tights I previously bought. I was able to easily find the color I needed, added it to my cart and had it ordered all under 5 minutes. I really appreciate the range of colors We Love Colors offers, I do need to check the fabric when it gets here. I splurged and bought premade arm socks in Neon Green last month and they came out too green and they did not match the tights I previously ordered. Otherwise I have not had any issues.
By Moana on 11/4/2019
The product was very cheap and ripped as soon as I put them on. I paid a lot for what I thought would be high quality tights and was very disappointed.
By Kath on 11/4/2019
Leotard barely fit my extremely thin 9 yo daughter. 58 inches tall. Stretched inappropriately in crotch area, sleeves fit like 3/4 sleeves. If she had been a normal weight 12-14 yo there is no way this leotard would have fit appropriately. I would have returned but needed for her Halloween costume. Tights were great quality as always but ran small. Overall, I believe your sizing charts need to be updated. Love your products but would live to trust the sizing recommendations.
By Katydid on 11/4/2019
I needed tights for a family member to wear under a dress for a special occasion on a day that may be cold. I hope this is the solution to my challenge.
By Online Shopper on 11/3/2019
The tights were perfect for cosplaying a character with colorful skin. I bought the neon green to cosplay Gamora from GotG and wore them on my arms. They were thick material and good quality.
By Rauchelle on 11/2/2019
I was looking for light skin tone tights or leggings since I need to wear a skirt and it's often hard finding my size(5x) and I found them within 10 minutes on the sight and for such a good price! And in time for the event I need them for!
By RinSakka on 11/2/2019
I love WLC because the tights actually come in my size and they aren't see-through. I love the wide variety of solids. I wish they were a bit cheaper but the last pair I had lasted me for ages so I guess its worth the splurge.
By Cinder on 11/1/2019
I love We Love Colors because they have plus size tights that actually fit and the quality is really good. The color selection is fun and I think it really expands my wardrobe.
By Camille on 11/1/2019
Daughter recommended you. She has used your tights in the past and last a long time. You had the specific color I needed for a cosplay.
By Online Shopper on 11/1/2019
I love this website because it shows real women's legs and I can anticipate how mine will look in these tights--of every imaginable color!
By Kay on 11/1/2019
It's hard to find fun, quality hosiery in plus sizes. I appreciate that your website has a large variety of colors and styles for larger sized ladies that like a little color in their wardrobe. I would love more textured tights options.
By Kristin on 10/31/2019
Alert to providers: plus sized women like colorful tights too! Excited to try these.
By Steph on 10/30/2019
The last time I ordered from WLC was back in 2013/2014 and I used their tights to make armsocks myself. I am thrilled that the company realized the benefit of this market to cosplayers and have added the resources necessary.
By Kate on 10/30/2019
Not only do these tights come in a million colors but they are comfy and tough! I have worn and washed these tights and been active and they haven't snagged! I love them. I also love that they are size-inclusive (from very small to very large!). When winter gets drab and cold the tights help to make my wardrobe a little brighter.
By Stef on 10/29/2019
I love the variety of colors and sizes. My daughter and I love to do matching outfits and the fact that we can match even to our tights is so fun. The only thing is I wish is there were pictures of all the colors modeled as some are just drawings.
By Online Shopper on 10/29/2019
I received my order sooner than expected. My order was accurate and complete. The products are amazing - the leotard is incredibly comfortable, moreso than any I have ever worn, and the tights fit well and stayed up all night. The colors are vivid and gorgeous.
By purplesquirrel on 10/29/2019
I love the color selection, love the opacity and strength of the tights I have bought and how wide your range of sizes is. Hope the knee-highs I just bought will be the same. I wish you sold solid-colored layering shirts or shells in the same colors with the same quality and size range because I'd buy a bunch.
By mary on 10/28/2019
I wish it was more clear about what the difference is between the kinds of tights. I chose the nylon but have no idea how it is different from the microfiber. Perhaps I just didn't read thoroughly enough but I tried. I wish it was more obvious.
By accordiongal on 10/28/2019
We Love Colors has an amazing variety of colors of tights at really reasonable prices. The website isn’t very convenient to navigate on mobile but it works out and my cart didn’t disappear after a few days like it does on many other online retailers. Even though I don’t need them personally I like that it has options for men too.
By Miri on 10/28/2019
We love colors is awesome! They have literally every color of fishnet tights ever, even neon green and teal! I can’t wait to order mor in the future!
By rachie on 10/27/2019
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