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I like the looks of the tights And I would recommend them.
By Mark on 4/10/2020
The quality and feel of the tights are amazing. Very durable and super soft. I love how they feel on me. My other “complaint” is the 2 seams up the back. But that’s easily forgotten about once they’re on. It was just a different feeling at first.
By Jess on 4/10/2020
I was searching for some tights to fit with my upcoming costume and We Love Colors had a wide selection of vibrant colors. I found the exact shade of blue I was looking for, and they also have some very cute options for striped leggings. I saw they had professional level leggings for those who need them for preformances which is wonderful if I ever need to come back.
By Em on 4/9/2020
I had been looking for tights in different colors for a while and We Love Colors has tons of colors and prints to choose from! They also had a large range of sizes! And they're affordable!! :)
By Daniela on 4/7/2020
What I love We Love Colors I love tights too.
By Happy on 4/7/2020
Trying to find footless tights to wear during the warmer months w/ dress clothes work, need plus sizes & colors other than black
By Joan on 4/4/2020
WLC has a great selection of tights for all shapes and sizes. Pretty colors to match all seasons. Prices are good and I cannot wait to get my tights!
By Mauntie on 4/4/2020
It was great, saw through Instagram and wanted to give it a try since I wear so many tights
By Alex on 4/2/2020
We Love Colors is THE website to order tights / legwear, leotards / body suits & dance wear. They have an AMAZING color selection & reasonable prices.
By Ladybug on 3/31/2020
I got these tights for a costume I’m making from a popular podcast a Critical Role! I’m super excited to get them! I think they will make the costume! It was pretty well priced and shipping was very reasonable!
By Jade on 3/30/2020
It’s hard to find a large variety of good tights in stores. I’m usually only given the option to choose from black or beige tights and have been looking for bright color choices for ages! We love colors came up as a recommended page in my Instagram feed and I clicked instantly when I saw their tights. Another satisfying thing was the range of sizes and different products that you also wouldn’t see in stores. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves adding some funky colors to their outfits(or for anyone that just wants a basic black right because you can never go wrong with that either!)
By Michelle on 3/28/2020
I love WeLoveColors because their selection is wide and their tights last!!!
By Charlotte on 3/26/2020
We Love Colors redesigned their website since the last time I ordered tights (about a year ago) and it's a big upgrade: all the information about sizes, fiber content, fit, and color is even clearer than before, so it was easy for me to find the style of tights I wanted. I really like the feature that shows if a given size & color combination is ready to ship. It's important to me to continue to support this business during the COVID19 epidemic, so I actually ordered two extra pairs of tights in colors I like but haven't ordered before as tights. (I've ordered them previously as socks & really liked them in that format.)
By Dame Sophie on 3/25/2020
The products arrived quickly especially given they were from the USA. The colors are excellent and as presented online. I have bought from WeLoveColors before and still have the tights which have worn very well.
By Mim on 3/23/2020
I ordered some new tights for a cosplay. The last set I bought were fantastic, so I have high hopes for these too. The checkout process is quick and easy, and I have actually recommended WLC several times to friends!
By Ark on 3/20/2020
The color selection is great I love that they have a color match guide for bodypaint, which what I highly recommend them for! If you're just looking for stuff for your arms/hands or tights...they're truly fantastic with some relatively seamless options. But for full body, especially seamless options, it's unfortunately lacking. The leotards are less than ideal for body painting...especially since all come with shoulder seams or seamed necklines. They do not carry the most versatile cuts for cosplay body painting. Their site is easy to use but it can be buggy and not let you see photos that give you 360 views of the product. It usually only lets me click through the colors and see 1 view for each. So if you're needing something really can be hard to commit to style as you don't know where the seams are in the back because you can't see the back of the product.
By Ariel on 3/18/2020
I wish there were more opacity options but I love the range of colors for plus size tights
By C on 3/17/2020
I googled “colored tights” in the search engine and We Love Colors was the first to pop up. I clicked on the website and INSTANTLY fell in love. I definitely will be back to buy more items! I cannot wait to receive my tights. Thank you!
By Mu on 3/17/2020
I needed bright green tights. No one else had them in my size. You had at least three varieties. Very cool!
By csecooney on 3/16/2020
When I put the tights that I ordered on, they almost fit. The right leg felt like the weave was twisted at the thigh and I had to twist them around to get them to feel ok enough to wear. I Haven’t tried to return them because generally tights are not returnable. I figured I would try to make them work but definitely keep looking for another company for brightly colored tights.
By Kika on 3/16/2020
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