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The website is well designed and easy to navigate. They have a great selection of socks and tights.
By Online Shopper on 5/27/2020
So many options- it’s hard to choose! Everything looks awesome. Would be nice to see more photos of real people and models wearing items instead of just stock type photos, to get more idea of what colors look good paired with different outfits. Also could be nice to get a discount or free shipping if over a certain order amount! Otherwise I’m excited to try some new colorful fun tights!!
By Jamie on 5/27/2020
They had a great amount of leggings and tights, I'd like a bit more variety for gloves though. I also think their seamless gloves were too expensive.
By Online Shopper on 5/26/2020
I've been really hoping to find solid color opaque tights to wear with a skirt and blouse that I got recently, and I was having a hard time finding the exact colors I wanted. We Love Colors was the perfect place to find what I needed - my only wish I'd that they had more sizes in stock, or a way to know how soon they would be back in stock. I hope these tights are study and look good so that I can wear them at work with my new outfit.
By moxie on 5/26/2020
We Love Colors obviously also loves quality, size inclusion, and great prices. I can find the color I desire in the size I need and that is huge for a tall awkward male frame like mine. My only genie wish would be that they could make some of their more fantastic offerings, such as the mermaid style tights, were available in the large sizes.I will eventually have every color of tights and then I will control the Rainbow Infinity Gauntlet. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
By Aurora on 5/24/2020
I got these awesome tights for a good price! You should check it out for your cosplay.
By Alicia Stones on 5/24/2020
I needed gloves and tights fir my Mina from MHA cosplay and I found exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to recieve them! I've bought blue ones for another cosplay already and those came out great!
By Cass on 5/21/2020
The color selection is out of this world! I dress very 60s-70s inspired and try to keep my outfits as "authentic" looking as possible by using vintage items, but vintage hosiery not so much. The quality of your tights is outstanding, by far beats equally priced or slightly higher priced counterparts I've purchased in the past. I did purchase a couple color opaque tights a few years back and after a few months they lost elasticity, the ones in my last purchase from a month ago are incredible, there is a clear change in quality, I was really blown away. I actually repurchased some of those old colors I had so I can have them in the new higher quality. The new ones almost feel plush but still breathable and light which I didn't even think was possible! I love the color chart online, it makes ordering super easy, as some of the product shots for certain colors in styles are missing. Super quick and easy checkout, no hidden fees at the end, and the shipping calculator before actually checking out is super helpful! I would have loved to hit a "free shipping" mark with orders $200+ or something like that, I probably would've purchased more even though I already hit that mark with my current order. I was bummed to pay $19 for shipping but I totally understand. Super quick shipping which is incredible especially during these times that everyone is so restless to get their online purchases, I'm sure everyone is appreciative to get their items so quickly! Not sure how feasible this is but maybe offering a short 5-6 second clip of the item in movement could be great since a lot of the stuff is super formfitting, like the leotards, tights, etc. to show how stretchy they are, like bending a knee, etc, to show that it doesn't scrunch or fold. Another option is to include direct photos from Instagram of clients wearing the items with the item title + color in the Reviews section. I added several more colors to my order of the Sports Socks after seeing some customer photos on your Instagram, it very much influenced me! I really have nothing bad to say, I love We Love Colors! Always super happy with my purchases and wonderful customer service :-) I apologize if this is all over the place, I am just writing everything that comes to mind.
By LB on 5/21/2020
I love the available colorways, and had been wanting to take the plunge and purchase some tights for a while now. With the weather heating up and the ominous threat of thigh chafing on the horizon, I decided to take the plunge and get some cute footless tights to wear under my skirts. I'm really looking forward to receiving them, and if I like them I'll definitely be back for more!
By Kat on 5/20/2020
I was looking for XL sized tights and dancewear for a Batgirl cosplay and getting a lot of not-my-size and not-my-color. I asked a FB group of cosplayers, and somebody recommended We Love Colors. Raved, really, so I took a look. Wow. Everything I need, and it will all color match!! I mean, matching violets? Matching yellow gloves to cape fabric? That's a shopping nightmare! I haven't gotten my order yet, but this could be a costume game changer for me. Plus, I grabbed thigh highs to go with some dresses that aren't the easiest colors to match. Here's hoping the merchandise makes me love We Love Colors, too!
By ChrisFixedKitty on 5/19/2020
I ordered today because I needed to replace a worn out pair of tights that I bought, probably years ago! The tights are soft, comfortable, durable and are comparable in quality to higher priced leg wear. I wish there were more styles to choose from like textured and I was looking for a sleeveless unitard. I also was interested in the gloves, but it is hard to see how they fit and look on the mannequin arm.
By brflgirl on 5/19/2020
I love the super colorful options available and that the tights come in so many sizes! I’m purchasing loops to sew masks to sell at my small shop and i’m so lucky they are available because elastic is not - thank you!!!
By zipdang on 5/19/2020
I've ordered several pairs of tights through this site. They always last far longer than any pair I've gotten elsewhere, and the colors are so bright.
By Cairo B on 5/19/2020
This is a good place to get tights that I have ever seen, they have great colors.
By Breh02 on 5/17/2020
I absolutely love my tie dyed tights! They’re so vibrant and well made. They really are unique, they’re like nothing else I’ve seen before! I can’t wait to wear them and I’ll definitely buy more!
By DyiingBride on 5/17/2020
It was easy and clear. Sizing was a little tricky but explanations were fair. We were looking for multicolor striped tights and couldn't find any, but website was fine!
By Shan on 5/16/2020
I was looking for plus size hot pink thigh high socks. I was led to We Love Colors. I saw they had plus size stay up socks in tons of colors so I selected neon pink. However, the only stay up socks available were in grey and light grey. I was disappointed but happy to find that there were options for neon pink tights and glittery fishnets. The ordering was simple and intuitive. If I like the products I receive I will be ordering from here again.
By Chunkyblackdaria on 5/14/2020
We Love Colors has so many different colors, sizes and products - I've never been disappointed with their tights.
By TwinkiePon on 5/14/2020
Love the fact we can finally get awesome tights in bigger sizes way to go We Love Colors...
By aliensandbutterflys on 5/13/2020
We needed to get a bunch of gloves and tights for my bunny suit cosplay group, Snacc Pack, and I always prefer to bulk order so that it's cheaper for us in the long run. And We Love Colors has both gloves and tights and we need them to look good
By Ash on 5/13/2020
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