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They have great color tights selection and at a great price.
By Riña on 4/14/2021
I’m so excited to flare up my outfits with these lilac tights and patterned gloves. I think you would really love these products. The website is super easy to navigate and visually satisfying. The perfect place to find body suits, funky fishnets and durable, colorful thigh highs.
By Tauri on 4/13/2021
Always the best colors, always the best tights. I will continue to come back to We Love Colors to help refresh my wardrobe with excellent pops of color!
By Clover on 4/12/2021
I have looked for colors in tights for some time. Today while looking and not finding anything but black, the sales person said I should try going online. I am very happy about finding your colors and will definitely order again.
By Jane on 4/12/2021
I am really excited to buy some tights for myself. I have some that were a gift. They are so awesome. I can't wait for them to get here.
By PinkiePi on 4/10/2021
Very pleased with the fact that they kept me informed. Impressed that they actually had to dye my tights ... I love personally made products 😍
By Very Happy on 4/10/2021
For the longest time I thought I couldn't wear colors because I'm fat. Since I've found out about WLC, I'm having SO MUCH fun wearing colorful tights everyday with my dresses and skirts: I mix colors in my outfits in ways I never did before & I can do so while being comfy!!! The tights don't push against my belly; some get worn out quite quickly since I wear suspenders with my skirts to hold together tights + skirt, but that's sewable (and no one see that part of the tight so who cares if it's not perfectly fixed). I wish there was more promo code as I'm buying from Canada and with the conversion it's highly priced; I also wished they'd do shorts for the summer, but overall I'm so very happy WLC gives me the chance to be fat AND colorful comfortably.
By Genou on 4/8/2021
They have almost every color and lots of designs on their tights/leggings. I followed their size chart, and the panty part fits like a dream! However, the length of them were long for my short legs. Over all, they are great! And shipping time was quick.
By SuzyQ on 4/7/2021
I was looking for options for a cosplay, and came across a tutorial to make your own arm socks. It turned out to be on the same site as the company whose tights were used in the tutorial. They have so many great colors! It was easy to find exactly the shade I needed, which I didn't expect. Very cool. Turns out they have premade gloves and such as well, but for what I want I stuck with the tights. I'm super excited to get them and get going!
By Piksi on 4/3/2021
I'm into vintage and historical styles of dress and was in need of some white tights for my spring and summer wardrobe. As a higher number plus size gal, this is no small order but We Love Colors had just what I was looking for.
By Misskhole1992 on 4/2/2021
I have been returning to this company for YEARS for their selection of colors. No matter what my style mood, I KNOW I can find the perfect hue for my current fashion. Hands down the best tights and the best selection!
By Clover on 4/1/2021
I had seen many costumers using We Love Colors and with my new sewing projects coming up, I decided to try out a few sets of tights, tops and gloves. I was impressed with the comfort, fit and importantly, the durability. I am curvy and bottom heavy so was pleased with the fit of everything! my hips are 106cm and the 1XL tights were perfect. I also ordered a Large to be cut up for accessories and decided to try them. a little snug but definitely fit too. I had ordered a few different items in lavender and was email to say some of the items in stock were dyed in different batches so didn't completely match so they were going to dye the items required in a new batch so their was a delay. I wasn't in a rush and happy to wait. I am very pleased with the customer service and attention to detail before sending the products. shipping is pricey to my country so i did place a large order. everything was well packed and no issue with tracking or delivery.
By Anny on 3/29/2021
I am excited to have all my tights and gloves match, this will make my next cosplay very consistent.
By Cosplaimee on 3/25/2021
The tights look well pigmented and come in a variety of lengths and sizes. They were well priced for as high quality as they are and shipping was inexpensive, which is always a plus.
By AJ on 3/24/2021
They have a zillion colors, and I have some of their tights from over 10 years ago, and they are still going strong! Seriously the best.
By JenL on 3/23/2021
As a bigger person I have had a hard time finding tights. I love that you make them in plus size and can’t wait to see the quality. If they last you will have a customer for life.
By Stephanie on 3/23/2021
Shopping here was honestly the easiest time I've had buying tights and shoulder gloves, along with other various items to use for my upcoming cosplays. There were matching colors to my body paint I'll be using on my face and neck, and it was my favorite online sponge experience in general because of the ease of access to everything in the catalog :) Definitely coming here for all my other needs.
By LilyBedlam on 3/23/2021
Great colors and selection of tights and leotards. Sizing for men over 6' is a bit odd since tall at around 125 lbs is not easily found with your tights.
By Online Shopper on 3/20/2021
You guys have more colors than everyone else and not just for women but men and kids too I feel like that's how tights are suppose to be unisex that's why would recommend you guys
By Cm2007 on 3/19/2021
I first found out about We Love Colors through the Sock Dreams website. I have been rather obsessed with knee socks for several decades, basically, since grade school. I honestly thought tights were fabulous also, however, it was terribly difficult to find colorful tights that fit comfortably. So, it has been rare that I wore tights or pantyhose. I never seemed to fall into the sizes allotted. I was too big for regular sizes, too short for tall sizes, and the "QUEEN" sizes ended up being loose and baggy and wrinkly. Honestly, I ended up spending so much money on a drawer full of hosiery that I was thoroughly dissatisfied with, and it turned out that I have found lots of creative uses for all those tossed aside nylons. After all, I genuinely loathe wasting money. Yet, still, I cannot help but want to wear the pretty tights that I see on the ladies that do seem lucky enough to find the right fit. Anyway... The reviews of the tights for the larger sizes by We Love Colors were remarkably impressive, but I had not been able to find a color choice that I wanted to take a risk with. I happened across a pair of We Love Colors thigh high stockings on ebay, (I think) again not willing to risk that color choice, so I started to search the internet to see if I would be able to purchase directly from We Love Colors. As I had not previously found their website, I didn't hold my breath. Finally, I was able to locate their website and I have spent several weeks trying to decide what to buy. The selection of products was truly incredible. They put so much information about the dying process and the different features of each product on the site that it was a bit overwhelming at first. Although, it was absolutely wonderful to learn as much as I have from them, and I am most definitely grateful for that. After I felt like I finally had all of the knowledge kind of cemented in my mind, I decided that I would actually prefer to have a hands on understanding of each of the different products that I was interested in. It turned out that some ot the items are going to be discontinued, and that made decision making much easier as the prices had been significantly reduced on those. I made a pretty big order for my first purchase- kind of a "Go big or go home" thing. I chose some items for myself and some for each of my two daughters, and even some socks that I think my son in law will like. At any rate... I cannot comment on the actual product satisfaction as of yet... But... I will say that I am utterly thrilled with the website and shopping experience. There were only a couple of downsides that I was kind of frustrated by. The first was that occasionally I needed to refresh the pages when viewing the photos of products in the different colors selection. The other thing that was something of a disappointment was the shipping charge options. They do offer a wide range of choices for shipping, however, unlike many of the other online footwear purveyors that I purchase from, I did not find any offer of free shipping (such as free shipping for orders totaling a certain dollar amount)so the shipping cost ended up being about seven or eight percent of the total cost of my order which led me to remove an item from my order to offset that added expense. All in all, I am so excited about We Love Colors and I am really looking forward to receiving my order. I can't wait to see how we like the tights and fishnets and socks. I do so hope that we are as happy with them as the other customers who gave such stellar feedback.
By Pinky<3 on 3/17/2021
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