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The website was easy to maneuver and checkout was easy too.
By Online Shopper on 9/22/2019
Good experience
By Online Shopper on 9/21/2019
I love all of the tutorials and the suggestions for colour matching makeup. I would prefer more photos of the product as well as photos of the product on people of varying skin tones. I considered purchasing a pair of glitter fishnets but held off because I could not see the glitter in the photo.
By Cosplay with Kerr on 9/21/2019
This is my first time buying from We Love Colors, but a search for plus-sized tights recommended yours. The site was easy to use and well put together. I appreciated the plus-sized models.
By H on 9/21/2019
First time stumbling on the site - I'm going to be using this website a lot for cosplay.
By Dave on 9/20/2019
They have reliable knee socks. Some vertical ribbed socks (that stay up) would be cool.
By bing bong on 9/20/2019
I love how easy it is to shop and check out, I adore the product, but the exchange rate from USD to CAD is killer! Almost $200 on tights for me and my wife...they're worth it, but I'd sure love a coupon every now and then.
By Online Shopper on 9/20/2019
Website, worked fine. Only thing, I was a little bummed that it seems some of your older products have been discontinued. Specifically the zebra print. Otherwise it was great experience!
By Online Shopper on 9/20/2019
I love the color selection, but wish all colors came with photographs. I am a bit unsure about the color I ordered because it was just a computer generated image. Other than that, they had everything I need for cosplay and more. Will definitely shop here again.
By icaruspoes on 9/19/2019
I love the huge range of rich, vibrant colors as well as the many different styles available.
By Flicka on 9/19/2019
Pretty nice. Ordered tights for a cosplay
By Galaxy on 9/19/2019
I ordered tights later than I should have. I placed a note in my email that I needed them delivered ASAP. The items were received in plenty of time. Excellent customer service.
By MO on 9/19/2019
Super easy to find exactly what I needed: scarlet red opaque tights for a Kate Bush Wuthering Heights costume! The price is good for decent quality tights, and there's a ridiculous range of colors. You'll be able to find exactly the right shade.
By Kit on 9/19/2019
I just love all the saturated colors and wide range of sizes. I know they are good quality cos I ordered several pairs for my child’s theater performances when she was little.
By Luna on 9/19/2019
For me the options of styles, sizes and colors is perfect. It will allow me to expand my outfits to a new level.
By dani on 9/19/2019
We love colors is great they have amazing quality in almost every color and shipping is very affordable
By Online Shopper on 9/19/2019
Very happy with my purchase - plus I love that the packaging was made from tights and not plastic!
By Kat on 9/19/2019
I couldn't find any sizing information with the gloves, and they don't offer paypal, which is a bummer. International shipping was also a little expensive, and although I don't think their prices are unreasonable, the Australian dollar is so bad that it ended up being more than I had intended on spending. I was very happy to find a colour matching page for mehron body paints, although I had to google it to find it, I couldn't find it through their website, and only knew it existed because I remembered reading about it in a Ginny Di instagram post a while ago.
By Online Shopper on 9/19/2019
I had bought the wrong gloves last purchase, though somehow my return never showed up at headquarters because I never got the credit back for the gloves I actually needed. The sizes arent super helpful as my fit problems tend to be with the finger length, but hopefully these will fit. When I buy the right thing Im always happy with my products though so Im not too worried. I love the Mehron color matching available it's really helpful when my friends need cosplay gear I always suggest you guys.
By TeaWitch on 9/19/2019
As long as this company still exists, I will never buy tights anywhere else. Their nylon/lycra tights are the best, ever.
By Jenn on 9/18/2019