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There was a huge selection but the filter option on the site was a little glitchy and took me a long time to find what I was looking for cause it wouldn't keep more then one filter. But they had plus size tights which are hard to find, specially in so many colors and types.
By Jazzamatazzy on 10/19/2020
Amazing! The colors match the Mehron face paints very well! Amazing fabric texture and the tights don’t snag easily!
By Jun on 10/18/2020
Lower prices on your performance tights
By Online Shopper on 10/17/2020
I shop here specifically for the color options of products. I bought a pair of tights here about 8 years ago that I still wear. I wish they would provide more sock options, as I tend to wear out socks quickly. I would recommend We Love Colors for color-specific, quality products.
By Molasses on 10/17/2020
I bought tights from ths place called we love colors. It's got so many great colors! since they're dance/performance tights, I'm hoping they don't rip super easy. Website was easy to navigate, too.
By Sos on 10/16/2020
Love this site - size inlusive in all color tights!
By N on 10/16/2020
I was looking all over for colored tights for plus sized women for a costume. I literally couldn't find anything for my size. I found an articles about we live colors and looked into them. It was the easiest experience and I don't know why I didn't try here first.
By Rose on 10/16/2020
Men's tights are so hard to find and I love the freedom of wearing them for rock climbing. These tights get you all of the pizzazz you desire and all of the freedom you need! And in every color you'd want.
By Slab Justice Warrior on 10/16/2020
We Love Colors has an unbeatable selection of colored tights, despite colored tights being harder and harder to find in mall stores. Their checkout process is fast and easy and I love their products.
By Nickey Robo on 10/16/2020
Ordering was easy and affordable and I was impressed with the variety of colors and sizes available. Depending on the fit of the tights when I receive them, I’ll definitely be revisiting to add to my collection.
By Niki on 10/16/2020
All my friends love tights and these are some amazing colors!
By WolfandBear on 10/16/2020
I bought a leotard, tights, and gloves for a costume I’m working on, and the colour is absolutely perfect. Everything arrived on time and fits perfectly.
By Tink on 10/16/2020
It was a nice experience. Can't wait for my tights. Would be nice if there were more try on photos or models wearing tights with different fun outfits.
By Liah on 10/15/2020
I would recommend it to anyone who's a sucker for tights of many colors or just needs something for a costume. They are inexpensive, high quality colors and fabrics, delivery has a high chance of being punctual, and they have an extremely wide range of sizes.
By musicman on 10/15/2020
Colors are great! I only wish someone could make run/rip proof tights that could withstand my six-year-old. But these are still sturdier than most and we typically get at least a couple wears out of them.
By Quinnsmom on 10/14/2020
Great solid retailer to buy any color, good quality tights.
By Aly on 10/14/2020
I have been looking for a good pair of plus size stripe tights and they have so many colors available. They have me all the information on shipping up front and made check out easy and safe.
By Azizaniada on 10/14/2020
I recently bought a few tights from We Love Colors. The Site is easy to use- although make sure you select the right size because you can't change it from the cart, and the listed item is not a link back to the page. Tons of selection, amazing tights, easy check out, and most importantly SIZE INCLUSIVE! definitely recommend.
By Anjie on 10/13/2020
Cute plus size tights in a variety of fun colors. Seems odd that some tights are dyed in house though. Ive never heard of that.
By Sammy on 10/13/2020
The first time I ordered the pack of 50 loops (tights), I was very happy with my order. They were exactly what I needed to make face masks. The second time, the loops were much thinner & already stretched - not great quality. I don't know if I'll order them again.
By Lisa D. on 10/13/2020
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