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Available in 3 colors
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If you like surprises and trying new things our mystery boxes are just for you. Get assorted We Love Colors products worth over $60. You will get unique colors, one of a kind and exclusive items, and items not even for sale on our website. If some of the goodies are not your style you can always swap with friends or surprise them with a little color in their lives.

You can choose between Neutrals, Bright Colors and Surprise Me.

Neutrals would be your basic black, shades of grey, brown, navy, white. Bright colors, all the other solid colors including neons and pastels and Surprise Me may have some funky and adventurous colors as well as classic neutrals and bright colors, including our hand dyed splash color items. Fun, right? In case that wasn't good enough, this box includes free priority mail shipping so you can get your goodies quickly!