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How I wear Colorful Tights in Fall

You may be wondering, how could I possibly pull off colorful tights during fall? Easy

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10 Reasons to Give Tights a Chance

The colder weather is rolling in, and it’s time to give tights a chance! My name is Liz McGuffin, and I blog about colorful, fanciful fashion at WithWonderandWhimsy

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Brand New Vintage

We love Aisha’s attitude. Not only does she think your size should not dictate your style, but she loves mixing and matching vintage and new clothing

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Colorful Style From Norway

We love how colorful, positive, and genuine Ina from Mewkid is! She puts together the most vibrant outfits where she lives in Norway, and we can’t get enough of them! She paired our splash tights with a great green skirt and crop top, plus a beautif ...

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Black And Blue Mixed Prints

We love Berlin-based blogger Daria of Kittenhood because she always looks likes she’s living inside a Wes Anderson film! She’s also great at putting together outfits where she’s not afraid to contrast patterns

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Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead Inspired Outfit

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead is a cult classic, and if you haven’t seen it yet you probably should (although now you can’t just go to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent it like you could when it came out)

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Dresses Can Be Shirts, Too!

Who says you have to wear a dress as a dress or a scarf as a scarf? We think you should be able to express yourself however you want

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Mix Your Patterns!

Kayla Hadlington has a lot of style, pizzazz, and quirk. Something we really love about her is her willingness to mix patterns, textures, and colors that some people wouldn’t! Life is all about finding your unique voice, and part of your voice is ex ...

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Swapping Fashion Styles

JoJo Pearson has a surreal style all her own, and it’s always fantastic to come across someone who embraces their true uniqueness

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Rainbow queen Isabel Hendrix

The gorgeous rainbow queen, plus size model and positive soul, Isabel Hendrix, just made our week posting these awesome pictures of her rocking her splash colors sports bra and matching tights