How I wear Colorful Tights in Fall

You may be wondering, how could I possibly pull off colorful tights during fall? Easy. Just put them on! There’s no trick to it. Your expression shouldn’t be limited to single season, wear what you want, when you want.

I got the chance to prance around town in the We Love Colors Nylon tights, and I must admit it was pretty fun. There’s something so easy and freeing about being the only one wearing vibrant colors while everyone else is wearing different shades of blacks and browns.

Look #1
We Love Colors Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights Style #1008 in Yellow

My first look is a simple band tee, white loafers, paired with a graphic pant and WLC’s nylon tights in Yellow. I wanted the pop of yellow to stand out, which is why I paired it with something simple but added a little flare with the polka dot pants. — I like to call this look ‘modern flare’.. get it.. because the pants are ‘flared’

Look #2
We Love Colors Microfiber Tights Style #1053 in Olive Green

The second look is another simple black and white outfit, but with an added pop of color. These tights are very vibrant so I wanted them to stand out. I took this flared off-shoulder top and high waisted black skirt, paired them with some simple black booties and WLC’s tights in Olive. This look is a more simple, yet stylish take on the modern flare.

Look #3
We Love Colors Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights Style #1008 in Scarlet Red

Upon receiving these tights in the mail, I knew immediately I wanted to do a full red leg. For this look, I was inspired by all the photos of women in the 50’s and 60’s who match their shoes with their tights. Which is why for this look, I paired together a white tie front top, a two-toned denim skirt, a red ascot, red heeled sandals and the cherry on top WLC’s tights in Red. — The tights and sandals blend together well and give this look an effortless feel.

Look #4
We Love Colors Microfiber Tights Style #1053 in Orange

For the final look, I had to bring in the 60’s influence again. The 60’s was a decade known for colors and bright tights which is why naturally, the outfits have gravitated towards it. I wanted something simple, yet fun – so I paired this striped wrap dress with a simple white bandeau and white loafers and tied it all together with WLC’s tights in Rust.

I must say, these are the most comfortable, colorful, warm and high-quality tights I’ve ever tried. I wore them all day with no rips or snags at all. We Love Colors really knows what they’re doing.

Until the next time! A’Tavia Tatiana