Patchwork Tights Heart Sculpture

Mary England had a box of imperfect tights she wanted to turn into something fun for all the people at the Playa Del Fuego burner event in Delaware to enjoy. She set up a Merriment Materials table complete with bubbles, velvet posters, vintage slides, toys, accessories, temporary tattoos, and more for people to have fun with. The heart sculpture was installed right next to the table to draw people over to it. Processed with VSCO The sculpture was made out of chicken wire to create the heart shape, then covered with old wrapping paper to cover the sharp edges as to not rip the tights. Patchwork Tights Heart Sculpture - Inspired By We Love Colors (1) Then, Mary cut out dozens of rectangles from imperfect pairs of We Love Colors tights and hot glued them in a patchwork/mosaic pattern all around the sculpture. Processed with VSCO She cut a hole in the bottom of the heart and inserted a metal pole inside to support it outside the tents and shade structure of her camp. It drew in a bunch of strangers to have fun at the Merriment Materials table. Processed with VSCO Mary had a great time at Playa Del Fuego, and was happy to bring some extra color to the event. If you're interested in learning more about burner events, you can check out her post about What To Expect At Your First Burn. Processed with VSCO Have you ever been to a burn? They're full of fabulous art projects, and we're so glad We Love Colors could be a part of this event. You can follow more colorful adventures on Mary's Instagram.